7 brands that'll prepare your wardrobe for tailgate season

Football season is back

And that can only mean one thing... tailgating has started! Whether you come for the food and fun then go to the game or spend the whole game in the parking lot, you're going to need something to wear. Start preparing that victory dance and thinking of ways you can step up your wardrobe with these 7 brands that'll get you ready for tailgate season... I mean FOOTBALL season.

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1. Fanatics

With over 500+ NCAA teams, you're certain to find the licensed gear you're looking for at Fanatics. They have everything from the more traditional tailgate attire like jerseys to things a little less traditional like pajama pants (11 am games... am I right?). They even have gameday dresses if you want to look a little ~fancy~.

2. American Apparel

BASICally, American Apparel has any base pieces you could need for a tailgate wardrobe you can where long after football season is over. They have everything from leggings to hoodies to bodysuits to skirts in a variety of colors. No matter what your school colors are, you can be spirited in style.

3. Adidas

What better way to keep the tailgate season alive than to wear a brand that’s very familiar with the ins and outs of football. Over the years, Adidas has partnered with different athletic departments across the country. Show up decked out in your favorite gear to let everyone you mean business and that you’re in it to win it. And by winning it we mean the king or queen of the tailgate.

4. Tailgate

Last year, American Eagle took over Tailgate and launched a collection featuring forty-six colleges and universities. The collection has everything from t-shirts to sweatpants that differ from what you can find at your college bookstore. What this means is that you don't have to wear the same shirt 50 other people will be wearing and can form your own tailgate identity.

5. Under Armour

Although newer than other “sports brands”, Under Armour has proven time and time again that they belong in the performance category. Embody the spirit of “We Will” by outfitting yourself in their sleek yet comfortable gear. Feel like a champion as you play around of beer pong or cornhole then turn around and watch your team as they head to victory. Even if your team comes up short, you’ll still feel like a winner.

6. H&M

If you're looking for something that isn't a school t-shirt or jersey, H&M is the way to go. Have an outfit that'll take you from the tailgate to the game to the after party. You can still be stylish while supporting your school and stay on trend no matter it be rain or shine.


If football season is the bane of your existence but you're still a fan of tailgates (or someone's dragging you to one) then you should go the ASOS route. Why? They have hundreds of brands in every color under the rainbow which means you can serve looks no matter the season (or who you're rooting for).

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