5 ways to rule tailgate

1. Always be ready

Keep a toolbox full of tailgate essentials in the trunk of your car and you will always, and we mean always, be ready to tailgate. I'm talking all the BBQ utensils you need, your lighters, your sauces, your condiments, paper plates, cutlery, a can opener, you know the drill! Don't forget trash bags, paper towels and hand sanitizer. Gotta be clean!

2. Eat, eat, eat

Marinate your BBQ meats the night before if you're feeling super prepared and slice up burger toppings like tomatoes and onions all ready. This is a huge time saver and it's so much easier once you're tailgating to have everything ready for you. As well as your classic BBQ feasts, why not make up some amazing appetizers like sliders if you have time? I've become a little slider obsessed since writing this blog post and these are my favorite four recipes that I've discovered. Article_Tailgate_Food Cuban Sliders   Chicken Parmesan Sliders  Meatball Sliders  Pizza Sliders

3. Drink, drink, drink

Here are a couple of drink hacks perfect for making the day a hit! - Label your coolers with soda, beer, wine, etc so your guests know where to grab drinks from. - Freeze plastic bottles full of water and these can double up as ice packs to keep drinks cool and then cold water to drink once they're all melted. - Stop insects from getting into your drinks by using a cupcake case as a drinks topper, this awesome idea is from The Kitchen Prep Blog. - Pack jars of fruit for people to choose their own cocktail flavors and garnishes! - Obviously only drink if you're over 21! Article_Tailgate_Drinks

4. The entertainment

Grab your props, your selfie stick and everything else to make all the Instagram pics and Snapchats of the day absolutely awesome. We're talking your school's colors, flags, anything! Then, after all the food has gone, you could use your table for beer pong.

5. Be safe

Don't forget to take the all important items that keep you safe, comfortable and well! Make sure you have sunscreen and water to avoid sunburn and overheating. If you're drinking, alternate alcoholic beverages with soda or water and make sure you're eating too. Also, make sure that you have the essentials such as a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit and pain relief just in case the day takes a turn for the worse. Happy Tailgating guys!

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