6 summer nail trends you should try


Summer is here and while you're probably still focused on what you'll be wearing and when... why not dress up your nails a bit? Nail trends are always changing and below are just SOME of the hottest nail trends for Summer 2018. Which will you be trying?

1. Nails that SAY something

Graphic nails are IN. Use your nails as a canvas to say something that is meaningful to you. It doesn't matter if it's just one finger or all ten. It's up to you!

2. Chrome on over

Sometimes you want a quick and easy manicure. Limecrime has you covered with these fabulous stick-on chrome nails that'll have everyone asking "who do you go to?"

3. Think pink

Millennial pink isn't going anywhere (or at least it keeps coming back). A light pink is perfect for whatever Summer you're trying to have.

4. When in doubt, stripe it out

STRIPES!! Now that my enthusiasm has died down, check out these SICK nails. I mean stripes AND yellow? Yes please. And it doesn't stop there. Put your own spin on the stripe.

5. If there's space, make it negative

This one is obvious. Traditional manicures are so last summer. Switch things up and put the negative space near your cuticle that way you can play with as much color as you'd like.

6. Neon never stops

Bright days call for brighter colors. Neon is a great look to pair with any outfit and will make sure your nails stand above the crowd and look good in any and all instagrams.

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