6 stationery combos that'll show off your personality

When it comes to a new school year, new stationary is a must. But, just because they’re school supplies doesn’t mean that they can’t show off your personality. And, I mean, if you’re gonna be looking at the same notebooks and pens as you take notes all year, those notebooks and pens better be cute, right?

1. The Rebel Flower

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In the mood to rebel against the system this semester? Well, maybe just show off your rebellious nature through your school supplies instead of rule breaking antics around campus. Valfre has totally got all you rebel flowers covered with this eye rolling notebook that will totally let everyone know how you really feel and matches perfectly with this pen set from Typo. Since even badass girls have pocket change, this Typo coin purse with an embroidered rose will keep all that cash where it belongs. And these super cute girl power stickers from Valfre will let you leave your mark around campus.

2. The Trendsetter

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Trendsetters are always doing and wearing what's cool first. Why not do the same with your stationery with these stunners from Typo? This really cool patterned notebook is like a marble design and has gold foiling and a nonchalant saying. Cool. Matching gold, glittery pen. Cool. Translucent pencil case with gold star confetti. Cool. Giant gold paper clip to keep all your papers together instead of a regular old folder. COOL. They’re all so cool! Just like you, you trendsetter, you.

3. The Colorful Cutie

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These brightly colored school supplies from Typo are sure to bring a little sunshine to your school day. These mini highlighters are super freaking adorable and will go perfectly with these silly novelty pens. And is there any better way to store these cuties than in this rainbow pencil case? I think not. And in case you start to take yourself too seriously (which you probably won’t be doing with these fun school supplies), this documents folder will keep all your study materials safe while also making you laugh. This school supplies set is pretty much happiness all around.

4. The Glam Girl

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Glam is more than just makeup and fancy clothes, it’s a way of life. If that speaks to you than these stationary gems from Typo NEED to be yours this year. What’s more glam than rose gold? Nothing. So, a glam girls guide to a glamorous school year is all about rose gold stationery. These Eiffel Tower scissors will really understand you as you’re dreaming of a luxurious trip to Paris while working on a project. Not only is this pencil case rose gold, but it’s also got faux perforated leather, which is like twice the luxe for a fraction of the price. And when you’re surrounding yourself with such glamorous school supplies like these every day is like a day in paradise, just like this notebook says. Oh, and there is seriously nothing more glam than a rose gold pen with a big ol’ diamond on top. We can just pretend the stone is real, right?

5. The Food Lover

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If you’re constantly thinking about lunch time or your after school snack then these food themed goodies are for you. This breakfast themed pencil case and super cute notebook from Typo will perfectly showcase your devotion to snacks. And for your regular, non-food themed items, these Valfre stickers will come in handy to really spice (see what I did there?) things up. Last but not least, don’t forget these food themes pens from Typo so you’re always reminded of what you love.

6. The Boss-In-The-Making

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If school is just a stepping stone to world domination then you probably want your school supplies to be as powerful as you are. This compendium from Typo will help you keep track of all those meetings, assignments, fellow students and colleagues that you’ll meet throughout the year while this Moleskine notebook will keep you feeling powerful while in class as it’s in the ultimate power color: bright red. Of course, no boss is without a monogramed item, so this initial pen from Typo is a must for all lady-bosses in the making. And if you ever start to doubt yourself (which you totally shouldn’t cause you’re awesome), this desk plaque from Modcloth will definitely give you some boss-lady inspiration.

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