6 reasons to be thankful for your newest life hack, Audible

We’ve got the major key to solving all the craziness that is about to ensue with the upcoming Holidays! Introducing your ultimate life hack with Audible. Here’s 6 extra reasons to be thankful this weekend!

1. Chill with your audiobooks

And just like that, it’s almost 2019. How did that happen? Is it just me or does each year feel like it’s flying by faster and faster?

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A subscription to Audible allows you to save time by listening to anything you want plus those required reads. Impress your professors with your ace book report on The Odyssey and 1984 that you listened to on your drive home for Turkey Day (custom narration speed included!).

2. Lit literature

Solve any boredom woes with access to 3 titles every month including access to Audible Originals.

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3. Bye bye freshman 15

Eat a little too much of that pumpkin pie? Don’t worry, Audible has you covered with access to audio-guided fitness programs like Beat Gym Boredom, Quick Workouts for Busy People, 5K Training.

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5. 24/7 Entertainment

Enter Audible, the world’s largest selection of audiobooks with easy access to all genres including best-sellers, comedies, romance, mysteries & thrillers, self-development and much more. That’s one way to stay snatched this year.

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6. Relationship goals

No commitment, cancel anytime, swap any book you like and keep your Audible books forever… need I say more?

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7. Cancel the noise

Loud roommate? Limited places to concentrate? Plug in headphones and listen to Audible in your dorm, in the cafeteria, on public transportation. Basically, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Want to save time while on a dime? Take advantage of your monthly Student Discount with Audible today!

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