6 easy recipes for a typical college day

I think we all know how it goes when you're doing paper after paper, running from one class to the next, throwing a quick text to a friend just to stay social, surviving on barely 4 hours of sleep, and praying that Starbucks is open just so that you can stay awake while your teacher rambles on and on about the bits of information on his/her PowerPoint screen, then this list of great recipes can save you time, money & make your taste buds sing “Hallelujah!”! We've all gulped down a cup of ramen noodles in between a quick “lunch break”, only to be hungry after only 30 minutes, if you’re lucky! Or to have used a pack of Oreos or a single doughnut from Dunkin Donuts as a dessert because you just couldn’t fathom the idea of spending a whole $5-10 just for a little dessert.

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I got a few great recipes for you! A little bit of sweet, sticky, fun, and a whole lot of GOOD.

First Up….Mini Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites:

Yes, I said it…mini! If you’re a real lover of cheesecake and pumpkin flavor, then you may love these two together! Super light, not too sweet, and just the right size to have you eating 2 at a time and not feeling guilty for it. It’s definitely a recipe to try on that rainy day when you are stuck indoors, spruced up in your PJ’s, preparing to watch Netflix for the entire day. Click here for the recipe.



Tazo Iced Blushberry Black Tea Lemonade:

Who doesn’t need a quick drink when you literally get a daily workout from being a part of the college life, especially when running back and forth to/from Starbucks. But run no more! Now, you can make your very own Tazo Iced Blushberry Black Tea Lemonade and have a lot more to drink instead of tossing up $5 a cup (which comes filled with mostly ice anyway). It’s actually about $5 at most retailers for the entire box of tea bags and all you need is some hot water, lemon juice, sugar, and voilà! Click here for recipe.

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Dutch Apple Pie:

Now, we all know how it can be when you’ve been hopelessly missing your Mom’s (or Dad’s) great sweet apple pie recipe. Unfortunately, the holidays just can’t come around quick enough, but why wait until then? Why not make a great Dutch Apple Pie yourself and share it with your friends while laughing and hanging out on a typical study night? Why not treat yourself to something so good? After all, you have been working hard with studying and maybe even working part-time. Pair this great recipe with a few scoops of ice cream and I think we have a winner! Click here for recipe.

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Chipotle-Inspired Burrito Bowls:

Burrito Bowl source

How about a little bit of Chipotle-inspired homemade burrito bowls? We all love going to Chipotle and being able to grab a quick lunch that satisfies not only your taste buds but also your pockets. Who can really beat $8 for an entire meal? Plus, you can mix and match whatever ingredients you want. But what if you could do the same thing at home and then take that quick pic to put on Instagram, raving about how you’ve been cheffin’ it up in the kitchen. Well, that’s what this recipe can do for you. This one is specifically Vegetarian (without meat), but you can simply add your own meat and give it that extra punch! Click here for recipe.

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Guacamole & Chips

Since we’re on the topic of tacos and burritos, why not talk about the best thing invented thus far in this short life---guacamole & chips! Have a “guac & chips” party and watch tons of movies with your girlfriends, guy-friends or both! Just buy your favorite large bags of tortilla chips and we got ourselves a hit! Click here for Guacamole recipe.

Guac source

Sweet & Spicy Coca-Cola Chicken Wings:

Now for the grand finale recipe of ALL RECIPES! Who doesn’t love a great can of Coca-Cola to quench your thirst? It’s like the moment when you hear the top click open and the fizz begins “singing” and you know that it’s going to be GOOD. Well, that’s exactly how this recipe will feel on your fingers too, with all of its stickiness. I’m talking about Sweet & Spicy Coca-Cola Chicken wings. This is a sure way to fix those in between study munchies, late night cravings, or just a downright great item to add to your dinner plate. Five stars in my opinion and super easy to make! So, round up your napkins and glass of your favorite drink and enjoy. Click here for recipe

Wings source

There you have it. Great recipes for a typical college day! Now it's time to GET COOKING!

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