5 ways to make comfy pants look cute for class

Comfort > everything

As a college student, I get how hard it is to find comfortable ways to go to class without looking messy or uncaring. This is why I did a bunch of research on how to dress up comfy pants for class.

In my opinion, comfy pants are basically any pants that are not tight. This can vary from joggers to wide-legged jeans. The key thing is that they make me feel good and relaxed.

Loose or comfy pants can be hard to style as they can easily make you look like you are wearing sweats- or even worse- PAJAMA PANTS. For this reason, I made sure that all the outfits in this article look good and put together.

The flowy pant

The first styling idea to achieve the relaxed look is choosing a fun printed flowy pant and pairing it with a simple t-shirt. This creates a daring and eye catching look that will bring attention to you in class and make everyone notice you (in a good way!).

The matching jogger set

The second idea I found is a lot more casual looking. It is to use a jogger matching set. This way you are still wearing joggers that feel as good as pajamas, but by adding a matching top, the entire outfit looks put together and like you took a lot of time planning it in the morning.

The stripe effect

The third way to dress up comfy pants for class is to wear a striped pant with a simple tee and a cardigan or denim jacket. Stripes can be a very serious print. This seriousness will be transmitted despite wearing soft, flowy pants. This way you will manage to be comfortable while still looking ready for class and like you totally know what you are doing.


Another trick to look good in comfy, loose pants is to wear neutral colors. Neutral colors like, grey, white and black can show cleanliness which transmits sophistication and maturity. If you are going for a more serious look to show everyone in class who is boss, neutral colors are the way to go.

The wide leg

Finally, for all of the jean lovers, I found a way to use jeans in a comfy way. Who doesn’t love a pair of jeans? But we all have to admit: skinny jeans can be very uncomfortable. That’s why I found that a very loose boot cut or straight cut jean is perfect for the everyday college life. This types of jeans are very on trend right now, plus they are way more comfortable than skinny jeans.

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