5 ways to celebrate Record Store Day

No more broken records

April 22nd marks the 9th annual celebration of Record Store Day, the holiday invented nearly a decade ago to support independent record stores across the country. Obviously, we’re a little iffy on all of these "holidays", but this one strikes a chord! Record stores are AWESOME and they really need our support now more than ever. We officially approve of this semi-fake holiday.

There are many ways to honor Record Store Day. The most obvious one is to locate your local record store and invest in a bunch of excellent vinyl (Stevie Nicks is always a good place to start, for those of you who are newly building up your collection). A lot of record stores also sell exclusive releases and have special performances on the day, which is a great incentive to actually remember to go lend your support!

What’s also pretty great to note is that many of the musically inclined UNiDAYS brands on are offering boosted discounts at this time, so if you’ve been pining for some vinyl, now is an ideal time to purchase.

Here's how we'll be enjoying:

1. Watch Empire Records

Have you guys ever seen this movie? It’s a must-watch and has arguably the best movie soundtrack ever made. It’ll make you pine for the 90’s and you’re going to get epic fashion inspo from Liv Tyler, we promise

2. Listen to a record!

Pants off, music on! Nothing beats the sound quality of vinyl. Urban Outfitters has a bunch of awesome turntables, for the record (oh man I crack myself up). They come in fun and unique colors that’ll perk up any living space.

3. Use your student discount

Klipsch is running 20% off on their speaker & turntable bundles to celebrate the holiday, so if you were thinking about investing, now’s the time to strike.

4. Support your local record stores

The whole point of this “holiday” is to support local businesses. Go to your local record store and buy something. Don’t let the little guys get gobbled up!

5. Celebrate your favorite vinyl artists

Have you ever heard Cat Stevens on vinyl? There aren’t enough actual cats in the world to show our appreciation.

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