5 makeup products you NEED to survive festival season

It's always a long day...

But you don't have to look like it's been.

The season of DOING THINGS is upon us. Under winter circumstances, you'd probably be in bed binge-watching Queer Eye and eating something you had delivered right to your door, because that's how you've spent the better part of winter; doing nothing. During festival season ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and when anything is possible, you should really be ready for anything.

This is truly your time to color outside of the lines, try a trend you'd never try otherwise, and embrace your inner cool kid. That said, it's going to be hot & sweaty with the sun beating down on you and entirely too many people touching you. That's why we're obsessing over the Too Faced festival line (among other things), and even more obsessed that we're getting a student discount on the whole ordeal.

1. Festival Refresh Setting Spray

My makeup routine has been forever changed because of this setting spray. Suddenly people are complimenting my makeup? Suddenly people were aware that I'm wearing makeup? Probably because until this setting spray, I'd sweat it/rub it right off. This formula makes sure your makeup stays PUT! This includes glitter, this includes a dramatic cat eye, this includes a powder blue lip and several cocktails later.

Also, it adds a subtle shimmer to any look and it saves us the trouble of packing on that highlighter (just kidding we're still going to pack on highlighter).

2. Better Than Sex Mascara

Few things in life are actually better than sex. Maybe lasagne? Maybe chocolate lava cake? Definitely this mascara. You're going to be facing some sleepless nights, some exhausting dance parties and some sweaty tent action. You better make sure you look alert and awake by coating those gorgeous lashes with an extra thick layer of mascara.

3. Life's A Festival Palette

Sure, life is a cabaret, but it's also a FESTIVAL, so your makeup better reflect that (reflect as in literally because hello you just bought iridescent setting spray). Finally! A step away from those boring nude palettes. The colors in this rainbow-bright palette are rich, creamy, and blend easily.

4. Born This Way Foundation

The perfect foundation will at once make your skin look matte & dewey. This foundation stays put (I can claim a 12 hour work day) and blends beautifully. It's not the MOST coverage I've ever had in a foundation, but for a festival, I love the idea of freckles peaking through and having sunshine actually reach my skin.

5. La Créme Mystical Effects Lipsticks

How do you feel about mystical creamy color that changes with YOUR unique body temperature? Yeah, we feel pretty good about it, too. Plus, it's ultra-hydrating and iridescently gawgeous.

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