5 easy tips on getting ready for a big dance

Time to get your Cinderella on

Formal/Semiformal/ball/dance season is here, which means we've all got LOTS of prep work to do. If you have some big dances coming up this spring, here are some tips to make sure you're as prepared as can be ahead of time.

This way, you can actually have a fun day with no major crises.

1. Plan your appointments weeks in advance.

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Hair, nail, and makeup appointment slots fill up rather quickly, so it’s best to plan them weeks before your dance to make sure you aren’t left without a way to get glam.

2. Talk to your friends about getting ready together.

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That could mean making your appointments at the same time, or meeting at someone’s house. It makes it so much more fun when you are getting glammed up with your friends. Just turn on some music and sing along as you get ready for a great night!

3. Set out your dress, shoes, and accessories the night before.

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This helps you avoid misplacing anything and if you do, this tip gives you time to locate it without the added stress.

4.Decide where you are taking pictures and with who.

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Pick a place with a beautiful backdrop. You can go to a public park or somewhere with lots of flowers that make a great background. Another good idea is to make some props for you and your friends to hold to add a little extra to your pictures!

5. Bring a change of clothes and shoes.

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This is a tip I wish I would have thought of years ago. Even if you aren’t sure that you are going somewhere after the dance, always bring some extra clothes. This will help you avoid getting strange looks from people when you walk into a restaurant at 11 pm wearing a huge prom dress. Also, it’s good to bring extra shoes or flats because your feet will get sore from your high heels.

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