5 DIY dorm room decor Ideas!

Dorm rooms can be really dull places. You walk in for the first time and there’s absolutely zero character and it’s as gray as the fall sky. But never fear, this means that it’s simply a blank canvas to display your personality and make the space your own. Here are 5 dorm room decor ideas that will brighten things up on no time. Plus, they’re all free or super-cheap too!

1. Memo board

One of my favourite UK bloggers, Burkatron posted this awesome project on her blog a few months ago. This is the perfect way to organize your study area. It might take a little work and you’ll want some help from someone with tools so perhaps grab your dad before he leaves and get him to help you. blog_size_DIYDormRoom_4 Image ℅ Burkatron.com

2. Update your wallpaper

I mean your laptop wallpaper, I’m not talking about re-papering the whole dorm room, that would be a task! If you’ve got a cute pic as your laptop background it can lift your mood and get you ready for a study session. I love sarahhearts.com - she posts monthly wallpapers that are super cute and themed for the season. Check out my July one!

3. Free printables

A great way to actually update your walls is to create some wall art. There are tonnes of free printables around on the internet so get searching for some quotes or images that you really like. Then, grab yourself some frames or as Craft-O-Maniac did here, some clipboards and get arranging! blog_size_DIYDormRoom_3 Image ℅ Craft-O-Maniac

4. Plants, plants, plants!

The world and their Instagram accounts seem to be obsessed with potted plants and cute cacti but we can totally see why! How can this not lift your mood every time you see it? There are so many ways to makeover plant pots but we really like how Miss Renaissance has transformed these ones with gold leaf. blog_size_DIYDormRoom_2 Image ℅ Miss Renaissance

5. Gem push-pins

Another way to keep organized while jazzing up your surroundings are these awesome push pins. You could stick anything onto plain old push pins such as pom poms or buttons but I really liked the added DIY in this idea. All you need is a mould, you could use any ice-cube tray and some art plaster. Neat! blog_size_DIYDormRoom_1 Image ℅ Design Sponge

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