5 Date Ideas On A College Budget

Let’s face it, dating can be a pretty expensive ball-game, especially when you’re on a college budget. So, in an attempt to overcome the dreaded dollar-drainingness, I have come up with 5 cool ideas which certainly won’t break the bank. Make A Home Cinema Going to the cinema is the traditional ‘dating scene’, however it can be expensive and a lot of the time, pretty awkward too. I mean, it’s quite difficult to get to know someone whilst you’re sat in silence; which is why I think it’s best to make your very own home cinema. Why? a) you can make it super cosy (blanket-central), b) you can eat or talk as loudly as you like, and c) it will be hella’ cheaper! ‌
Have A Picnic Having a picnic in the park is a cute little way to have a date on the cheap. Now, you’re probably thinking, how can I afford to prepare a picnic for 2 when I am struggling for 1? Well, using your UNiDAYS® discount you can get 15% off at Mouth. Mouth sell an utterly ah-mazing range of indie foods, from caramel Apple popcorn to emoticandy. Your date will be seriously impressed! The Lollipop Stick Generator I think that this idea is genius; simply get a handful of lollipop sticks and on each one, write an inexpensive date idea. You could suggest going for a hike, a bike ride or even just going for an ice cream. Place all of the lollipop sticks into a jar and then pick one out, and whatever you get, stick to it! You could even get someone else to write some ideas, (just make sure to tell them that you’re on a budget) so then that way it’s a surprise for both of you! Sightseeing Going on day trips doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; it costs nothing to sightsee. You could prepare a list of sights that you and your date are keen to take a look at, and then you work your way through them on the date! It might be even more fun to go somewhere totally new so that neither of you know your way around, making it a real adventure. Don’t forget to take lots of selfies too! ‌
Do Something Completely Random Dates don’t always have to be ‘normal’ as such, instead they can be pretty off-the-cuff and random. When doing some research on crazy date ideas, there was a lot of hype around quirky sports, such as ‘ultimate frisbee’ (no idea!) and dodge ball. I think that these alternative ways to get to know one another are great, as you can let your hair down and have some fun! Go on, give it a go!

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