5 apps to help you stick to your goals

We started this year off super hopeful about our New Year's resolutions, but we've gotten a little distracted. In past years, we'd probably just give up and say "eh, maybe next year" but this is our year to make a change! In an attempt to stay on track and stick out our "New Year, New Me" attitude, here are some apps we've downloaded in order to stay the course and be the best version of ourselves possible. As always, the UNiDAYS app reigns supreme, but here are 5 more apps to help you stay on track, no matter what your goals were/are:

1. Train for a marathon

Have you been talking up a big game when it comes to your marathon running intentions, but haven't quite started actioning your training schedule? Too many people are turned off of running by taking on too much too fast, and after the holidays, we can all agree it's a challenge to get ourselves off the couch to begin with. Couch to 5k will help bridge the gap between Netflix & marathon running.

2. Save money

Do you avoid looking at your bank balance because you have no idea how much money is in there and you're too afraid to find out? Keep an eye on your finances with a little help from Mint, the super helpful app that tracks your spending and helps suggest a budget for you. It's time to get serious about our money you guys!

3. Give back

Was your resolution to give back this year? Whether or not this is coming straight from the heart or in an attempt to beef up that resume, consider the app GiveGab. It's perfect for fundraising or event raising for your sorority or fraternity, donating to a worthy cause or tracking your volunteer days. Share it on social media with people who are equally as excited about the cause.

4. Lose weight

If you just want to tone up, forget the jokes about gym fees gone to waste. Pact puts your money directly on the line by paying you when you go to the gym and taking money out of your pockets when you don't. If slimmer thighs don't motivate you, a slimmer wallet will.

5. Be a better student

The first step to being a better student (or being a better anything, really) is to get organized! We like Wunderlist because it helps us get all of our ducks in a row. Make yourself to do-lists, collaborate with partners on a group project, and set helpful reminders in order to stay on top of all of your work.

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