4th of July recipes that'll light up your party like a firework

Baby you're a firework

Well maybe you're not but your 4th of July certainly can be. Nobody wants to scroll through the endless pages of Pinterest looking for the one thing that'll put your party above the rest. And luckily, we've done it for you! Obviously these are just a few of the options (the possibilities truly are endless) so.... get your 4th of July on.

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Let's be real, make sure there are chips and dip. Say it with me now, "I will provide chips and dip." Good, now that we've gotten that out of the way we can focus on some other snacks like red, white, and blue muddy buddies, star spangled watermelon, and caprese salad skewers. This easy taco salad flag is both tasty AND patriotic:

Main course

You'll always find a hamburger or hotdog at a 4th of July party. I mean come on, someone on the grill? That's about as American as it gets. Switch things up with red, white, and blue spaghetti or buffalo chicken sandwiches. These firecracker dogs are sure to be a hit (especially for the kids and kids at heart should there be any):

Side dishes

Now that you've figured out the main course, you OBVIOUSLY need some side dishes to go with. I mean... chips can count as a side dish but I'm talking about things like pasta salad, baked beans, or roasted corn. Always a crowd please, you really can't go wrong with some potato salad:


What's a 4th of July party without dessert? Probably not a very good one or at least one I'd prefer not to attend. That being said, I suppose it's understandable if you'd prefer not to have any sweet treats there but... if you are wondering what to make may I suggest fireworks pudding cookies, American Flag s'more dip, or 4th of July chocolate covered strawberries? Since I'm on such a strawberry kick, here's another recipe that's the perfect mix of fruit and pastry:


It's July. It's hot. You're gonna need drinks. Whether you stick to soda, beer, water, and wine is up to you. Try pop rocks shooters for a little pizzaz or a shark bite if you're near the beach. Sangria is always a classic and the patriotic punch is Captain America approved! Lemonade is great, so is pink lemonade, but how about a razzy BLUE lemonade?

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