5 Awesomely Tasty 4th July Recipes

With July 4th upon us, it’s time to celebrate! And what better than with a load of delicious food treats? Here are 5 of our favorite recipes - cue some serious white, red and blue goodness.

1. Firecracker Hot Dogs

These firecracker hot dogs are described as giant pigs in blankets. Game changer. Plus, this recipe is super easy to follow with just 5 steps - I mean, who has time to be cooking all day when there are celebrations to be had? Jazz them up with some stars and flags and you’ve nailed it. TEMPLATE-ARTICLES_BLOG

2. US Flag Taco Salad

Tacos in the shape of the American flag = winner. This dish is packed full of beefy-tortilla yumminess and is ideal for sharing around. And, if you or any of your pals are vegetarian, this recipe also has a veggie option. Simple yet seriously tasty! 3

3. Patriotic Pretzels

These patriotic pretzels have sweet and salty down to a T. All you need for this recipe is some pretzel rods, chocolate, blue sugar and Ziploc bags - that’s literally it! Again, what’s great about this is that they’re so quick and easy to make so for all you last minute people out there, this one's for you! 5

4. Oreo Pops

These lil’ Oreo pop treats are sure to impress, just look how cute they are! You can really go all out on the decorating of these and get your creative well and truly on - sprinkle, spread and ice away. They’re so Instagram worthy too. 4

5. Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Imagine having cream, sprinkles, cupcake and ice-cream cone all in one bite. Well, lucky for you, you really can have this! These ice cream cone cupcakes are the ultimate treat for this July 4th. The recipe is super easy to follow and has loads of areas where you can add extras or change things up. There’s even a cherry on the top! 2

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