4 unique tricks for fashion girls

The best way to maximize your wardrobe is to do it with stuff you already have. I know, it’s easy to get stuck into a routine of wearing that shirt with those jeans and the same pair of shoes you always do because it’s easy and they go good together. But if you let yourself get a little creative, your outfit possibilities can go from Miley Stewart to Hannah Montana in no time (and who doesn’t want that closet situation going on?) Get the most bang for your buck with these four unique tricks for fashion girls.

1. Get Your Oversized T-shirt Dress From The Men’s Department

Tshirt dress I think it’s safe to say that the oversized t-shirt dress trend is here to stay, which is great news because A.) it’s super stylish and B.) it’s super comfy. Oversized t-shirt dresses are a really easy way to look effortlessly cool without. . .well. . .having to put in much effort. Most stores do have quite a few t-shirt dress options available, but if you want something a bit more graphic, or really want to achieve that boxy, oversized look, I have the perfect tip for you: shop in the men’s section! Seriously, men’s clothing is a great place to go for simple and classic silhouettes. And with the oversized trend so in right now, you have the potential to find some great pieces. First, just pick out your favorite men’s t-shirt, like this half & half t-shirt, faded grey shirt, or tie dye it, all from Boohoo. Then go up a size or two for good measure and BOOM! Instant oversized t-shirt dress.

2. Interesting Shoes Turn Simple Into Statement

Shoes One tip to make sure you always look fashionably put together, even if you threw on your outfit in two minutes before running out the door, is to make sure your shoes are always on point. Whether it be some statement pumps like this pair from Boohoo, stylish booties like these from Missguided, or just some really cool sneakers like this Missguided pair, an interesting pair of kicks can take your jeans and a t-shirt from average to “oh wow, you’re a fashion goddess” in just a few seconds. Believe me when I say, shoes truly make all the difference.

3. Layer OVER Your Dress-- It Doubles As A Skirt

OverDress Layering is the best way to make the most out of your wardrobe no matter how big or small it is. Everybody is throwing it back to the 90s now a days by wearing their strappy dresses over a basic tee, but there’s another cool way to use your favorite dresses to maximise your wardrobe. Instead of layering the shirt under the dress, try throwing it over and turning your favorite dress into your new favorite skirt. I mean, there’s no rule that says you can’t so might as well experiment! Put on your favorite bodycon tank dress, like this one from Tobi or your a maxi dress like this one from Missguided. Then just throw on a crop top or sweater, like these two from BooHoo and you have a brand new look.

4. Shop Straight From The Sleepwear Section

Pajamas Sleepwear for daytime is seriously in right now. Even though stores are starting to sell sleepwear inspired items, there’s nothing stopping you from wearing actual pajamas outside in public. Seriously, I can’t even begin to list how many times I’ve been shopping for pjs and said “I would actually wear this outside.” Plus, when you shop in the sleepwear section, most items are sold in sets, so you basically get an extra item of clothing. Who doesn’t love that? Stock up on all those cute, silky pajama camis, shirts and nightgowns, like these from BooHoo, and style them for daytime. It’s as easy as a counting sheep!

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