4 Insta accounts that will help you stay active during quarantine

During these tough times, it’s best to dive into a different routine to keep your mind and body active and healthy. With isolation taking over most of the world, home fitness plans are now starting to be a means of stress relief for many. So here are a few accounts that have a range of different fitness plans that not only help the body stay active, but the mind as well.

1. Yoga with Hanan (Via Instagram)

Touching the mind, body and soul- Yoga with Hanan focuses on bringing in a different energy onto the platform. Yoga is the perfect way to start your day and get your body ready and active for the day ahead. Breathing techniques and stretches that will wake your body up from the night before. The live sessions are perfect for beginners and timings of the sessions changes according to a schedule she puts out. Making sure to focus on every part of the body to really give you that tension relief. So check her out to find out more yogis!

2. UNiDAYS (Via Instagram)

And, of course, our UNiDAYS friends in the U.K. are hosting daily Instagram workouts with UNiDAYS' very own Poppy. Monday to Friday, you can tune in for a full HITT at-home workout. Pumping that adrenaline and releasing all that tension with a hardcore workout. Do you want to take on a different challenge at home? Then check out what we have available by heading to our Instagram page!

3. Barry’s Bootcamp

Another epic Instagram account keeping the world fit is Barry's Bootcamp - from epic workout transitions, focusing on different parts of the body, this IG account has different workout plans by the hour. Motivating the masses, with different personal trainers available that offer a range of workouts, giving everyone a chance to join in at different hours of the day. Perfect for a good old quarantine workout session!

4. Rachael's Good Eats

Seattle-based healthy food blogger and workout guru Rachel DeVaux is a great account to follow, not just during quarantine, but during regular life, too. She offers tons of ideas for at-home workouts, and as an added bonus, lots of easy and delicious recipes, too.

We hope this isolation period is keeping you fit and ready to take on the world. We know times are tough, but we wanted to bring some positivity and highlight some epic accounts that are sharing greatness while staying active.

Happy quarantining and staying active! #unidaysathome

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