3 tips for making new friends

Making friends is tough. It's not like elementary school was when you're put in a class with people and you basically say, "Yep, you'll do!" and you're friends for life. But, when you move away to college making friends isn't so easy and then you have the even harder job of keeping these friends too. Here are 3 tips for how to make (and keep!) friends at college.

1. Put yourself out there

The only way to meet new people is to actually meet new people. You'll meet new people in your dorms and your classes but if you're specifically after friends that have the same interests as you, head to a club or an organizationn, sign up and get involved. Start conversations and remember to listen to what people say, this is as much about them as it is you!

2. Be extra friendly

Even if you're 100% grumpy when you're with your best friends from home, try and have a little more sparkle when trying to meet people. Your friends that already know you can put up with your crap but new friends will just not be into that. You'll get to a place with them where you just communicate via emojis, but for now, smile and chat!

3. Cook!

This can be either to make or keep friends but cooking is a great way to get people together. Food is the way to a lot of people's hearts, after all. Invite your new class mates over for dinner and cook them your favorite home cooked meal. Or, if you live in an apartment or dorm with new people from different states or cultures ask everyone to cook their favorite dish from back home and you can chat about them and you could even find a new favorite food! Article-size-MNF Check out all this great cookware that you can grab with 10% off from Urban Outfitters. This The Go Plate Set is perfect for beers, chips and dips if you're just having a chill out in front of the TV kind of night. If you're planning on cooking up some seriously tasting dinners though, this Caswell Grilling Pan is a great addition to your kitchen armoury and these Mix + Match Bowls are super cute. Obviously, this should go without saying that you should never forget your old friends from high school or your home town. These people are probably having the same hard time as you trying to fit into their new college so be supportive and let them know that you'll always be there for them. Blog-Perk-UrbanO_10sos

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