3 shows you should binge watch this Summer

Let the binge watching begin

Alright everyone, buckle up. I hope you’re all on summer break and are just searching through all of your streaming websites trying to find the perfect show to watch. Look no further, I have 3 that you won't want to stop watching. These may not all be new, but trust me, they’re good:

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1. Queer Eye

I know I’ve already done this show in a previous post, but let me tell you, I WILL NEVER STOP. Season two of Queer Eye just recently came out and it is as good, if not better, than the first season. Maybe I’m too emotional, but you bet your ass almost every episode made me cry. You can tell that the Fab 5 aren’t doing this for any other motive than just wanting to help people. This show will have you experiencing all of the fabulous emotions that are inside of your cute self, and it’ll teach you a lot of things that are super helpful and insightful. These 5 guys are changing the world one day at a time and I am HERE FOR IT HONEY’S, YES!

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2. Sense 8

With only two seasons (and only two season, sorry guys), Sense 8 has stolen the hearts of so many people. Talking about the plot aside, it’s so so well done it’s ridiculous. I can’t even imagine how long this show took to make because they actually traveled to so many different countries to shoot. If you’re not familiar with this show, it is about 8 people who have never met before, who are linked together and can see into each other’s lives and communicate with each other through their minds. Sounds complicated, but it’s extremely interesting. One of the most important things that this show has taught me is that everyone has the ability to connect with people in such a short period of time and feel like you’ve known them your whole life not just romantically, but platonically. The reason why I say that is because there are romances within the characters, but the ones that aren’t romantically involved are just as close.

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3. Safe

Let me just tell you that I watched the first (and only) season of this show in two days. It doesn’t have a bunch of action, but it’s something that’s easy and entertaining to watch. Here is the premise without giving too much again: popular girl has a party, someone ends up dead, and another girl goes missing. Dad of this girl is doing everything he can to find his daughter. Is she dead? Who killed the the first person? I don’t know, you’ll have to watch ;)

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