21 reasons you should think PINK

"PINK isn't just a color, it's an attitude." - Miley Cyrus

Whether you're stocking up on mix & match bikinis for the summer, gearing up for those spin classes you just splurged on, or hanging around your dorm/apartment trying to become one with the couch, you’re probably always looking for the best deals.

I know you probably don't need much convincing, as half of your wardrobe probably consists of PINK stuff already (I mean, mine sure does), but here are the 21 best excuses to shop for undies & bikinis & joggers... OH MY we could think of.

You may be wondering, “Why is UNiDAYS talking about PINK… there’s no discount?” And that is an excellent question…. that may be answered soon.

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1. Because nothing beats wearing their comfy boyfriend shorts when you're studying/sleeping/exercising/procrastinating.

2. Because they celebrate our love of puppers every damn day.

3. Because beauty doesn't always equal pain (hi, not when you're getting a DISCOUNT)!

4. Because you can join their on-campus team and rep your own school!

5. Because you never know when you're gonna need to loosen those laces-- MORE ROOM FOR PIZZA.

6. Because they've thought of everything. Like, keeping your phone safe from water!

7. Because our Mom always told us to wear decent underwear in case you go to the hospital. (Oh man, just realizing how morbid that is. Sorry guys, but it's still true!)

8. Because we love a bit of matchy-matchy.

9. Because they have the perfect solution for a bad hair day.

10. Because their 1-piece suits are changing the GAME when it comes to swimwear.

11. Because every trip should begin & end with a little PINK.

12. Because every season is velvet season, guys.

13. Because face masks are really a girls best friend.

14. Because with your student discount you can literally wear a different bra every single day.

15. Because this look is literally SUMMER in an Insta post.

16. Because this tee really understands me as a person.

17. Because we'd DL wear this to the club & dance our asses off.

18. Because we'll live in these shoes all summer (the whole outfit is so fire).

19. Because this bralette/sheer cropped mesh tee combo is the only thing we ever want to wear again.

20. Because your bag belongs on your back & they come in all shapes and sizes!

21. Because this jacket is reversible and it's perfect for anything college throws at me.

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