13 ways women are slaying the game, according to science

I am a goddess, a glorious female warrior…

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Sure, it's been a powerful few years for women in the wake of movements like #Time'sUp and #MeToo, but we’re not fully there yet. Here are some cold, hard facts:

  • We’ve still never had a woman president, or vice president...
  • ...or Chief Justice of the Supreme Court....or White House Chief of Staff....
  • And women still make 80.5 cents on the dollar as compared to our male counterparts- and women of color make even less.

Yet we’re still somehow stuck waging war on words like “bossy.” (Or, you know, embracing words like “bossy,” depending on whom you’re talking to.)

But don’t lose hope, because we have some incredible leaders out there, as well as some pretty fantastic science and history supporting the greatness of our gender.

So without further ado, here are 15 reasons to celebrate your womanliness today:

1. We're not trying to toot our own horn, buuuut....

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...girls are kicking boys’ butts in school and earning higher degrees at far better rates. Female grads now account for about 60% of U.S. bachelor’s degree holders.

2. In fact, women have higher emotional intelligence (EQ) than men

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...which accounts for 58% of performance in all kinds of jobs.

3. And did you know our immune systems are significantly stronger?

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This is possibly due to estrogen’s immune-boosting influence or a number of other baseline genetic advantages, but it’s totally true. We KNEW IT.

4. No, women are NOT worse drivers

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In fact, men are statistically more likely to engage in unsafe driving behaviors than women.

5. We're objectively better with money

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Studies show that women make for superior investors for oh so many reasons. So, you can tell Chad from your finance class to kindly STFU.

6. In fact, it turns out a woman invented the original version of monopoly in 1904.

An image Img source Elizabeth Magie’s version was called “The Landlord Game.” And talk about an income gap: Parker Brothers bought the patent from Magie for a mere $500 after a dude named Charles Darrow had passed it off as his own. Typical.

7. Speaking of male-dominated fields like finance and technology… a woman was one of the pioneers for a little thing called the computer. IN THE ‘40s.

An image Img source In 1944, Grace Hopper designed Harvard’s Mark I computer along with Howard Aiken, which was used in the U.S. effort in World War II. She was also part of the team that developed one of the first modern programming languages (COBOL). But, I mean, no biggie.

8. Oh, and...beer? That was us, too. Ladies were the first brewers, according to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

An image Img source And there's a substantial movement to claim brewskis back from the broski domain once and for all. Cheers to that!

9. And, now that we have over 100 women in the House of Representatives for the first time, it's worth noting that studies have found that women are more effective lawmakers.

An image Img source Over 20 years surveyed, “women in Congress introduce more bills, attract more co-sponsors and bring home more money for their districts than their male counterparts,” on average.

9. I mean...just look at the record number of women ALREADY in the 2020 presidential race!

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Because, let's be honest, women can fix everything.

10. And despite some idiotic claims that women aren't funny ughhhh, we're clearly dominating comedy these days.

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11. ...And music (hello Ariana, everyone’s favorite record breaker)

An image [GIF source(https://giphy.com/gifs/arianagrande-ariana-grande-7-rings-Dr1jqzD29L69gRPoad) Not only are we smashing records, but we’re calling for evolution in the music industry.

12. ........And more and more women are getting involved in the film industry as writers, producers, executive producers, and editors.

An image Img source And here are the female filmmakers you need to know.

13. Let's be honest. When it comes to everything women can accomplish, I think it's safe to say that the best is yet to come.

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