These are a few of my favorite (uplifting and empowering female-run) Instagram accounts

Sometimes it’s nice to turn off the news and seek inspiration from the world around you. It’s no secret that sometimes we need a little dose of positivity to remind us that, in this tumultuous world, there are some badasses who are here to offer calming, empowering words.

Since I think we can all use a bit of encouragement, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite instagram accounts that keep me going (oh, and they’re all women-powered. Because, duh.)

Cleo Wade (@cleowade)

Cleo Wade is an artist, poet, author, and human angel. She posts empowering messages and beautiful scenery to get you through the day. She encourages love, acceptance, kindness, strength, and self-care, which are things that everyone needs right now.

Refinery29 (@refinery29)

You had to know this would be on here...Refinery29 is an epicenter of lady power, and their instagram doesn’t disappoint. From posts about #TheResistance to simple messages reminding you that YOU ARE ENOUGH, Refinery29 is a place to go to remember that there is some good left in this world….and that the future is female.

The Just, Girl. Project (@justgirlproject)

This account posts beautiful art, #WCWs of inspiring women, and some humor. Basically, everything you could possibly need. Their insta bio says it all: “a fiery movement that empowers girls to embrace honesty, passion, and struggle.”

Her Campus (@hercampus)

Memes, loving messages, #relatable content, and reminders that you’re doing great. This account was MADE for college students who need a laugh and a pick-me-up every now and then. 10/10 college gals would recommend.

Gather for Women (@gatherforwomen)

A page dedicated to empowering women to speak up about their health (and be BELIEVED), that comes with cheeky, wise, colorful, and uplifting content?! Sign me up! As someone with endometriosis, it’s an especially important page that keeps me positive- but it can be enjoyed by EVERYONE, and it brings attention to things that you may not know about your body (i.e. “is my severe, debilitating uterus pain normal?” (hint: no, it’s not)). Instagrammers with normal uteruses, or no uteruses at all, are welcome as well!

The Everygirl (@theeverygirl_)

The Everygirl is a compilation of fashion, travel photos, healthy recipes, beautiful #Aesthetic pics, and inspo quotes for #Girlbosses (even though there shouldn’t even have to be such a thing as #Girlbosses, it should just be #bosses but I DIGRESS). The Everygirl will be like a breath of fresh air on your timeline. And you will probably (definitely) get some desk decor ideas from it .

Momentary Happiness (@momentaryhappiness)

Charlotte Freeman, the goddess behind this account, is more than just a lifestyle and fashion blogger- she shares some of the wisest, most inspirational lessons I’ve seen, and her text posts will basically help you navigate your life. I think there’s a Momentary Happiness quote for any problem life can throw your way.

Rupi Kaur (@rupikaur_)

This is a given. You may know Rupi Kaur as the brains behind Milk and Honey and The Sun and her Flowers. She is ahead of her time, and will guide you through the good and bad times while putting a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. But I’m sure you already knew that.

League of Extraordinary Women (@theleaguewomen)

Quotes from ladies who have made big names for themselves, spotlights on successful female entrepreneurs and executives, the occasional meme, and a place for #Girlbosses (yeah I know I denounced this term 5 minutes ago but it’s all that fits here) to gather and support each other while enjoying beautiful and brilliant content.

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