10 times Taylor Swift’s cats made us say “it me” this year

Well, we’re just past the 1-year anniversary of Old Taylor erasing her Instagram and launching her renaissance as New Taylor- a bittersweet moment for all of us. We lost a lot of great cat content, but thankfully, Meredith and Olivia haven’t gone anywhere, and the New Taylor still can’t resist showing them off.

Here are all the times this year that these two kitties were the most relatable Instagram personalities out there.

1. When Olivia HONESTLY just didn’t have the answers

2. And when her face said it all

3. Or when she gave us the old razzle dazzle

4. When Meredith and Olivia provided us with the ULTIMATE “tag yourself”

5. But also, when this fictional version of Olivia was FEELING HERSELF as a magical rainbow unicorn

6. When Meredith was a MAJOR MOOD

7. And when she was NOT interested in cuddling

8. When Mer did not care

9. When Olivia was all of us in our “going out” makeup

10. And finally, when Olivia had NO IDEA WHAT WAS GOING ON

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