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American Apparel Pencils Of Promise- Closed US

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We all know that if there’s one thing this world needs more of right now, it’s a little love.

That’s why we’ve partnered with American Apparel and the incredible education charity Pencils of Promise to bring budding activists the chance to win a sponsored humanitarian field trip to Guatemala to support equal education in deprived communities. With all your travel and accommodation paid for by us, you can afford to do something truly special with your summer break: learn, grow and see the world while making a real difference in the lives of these deserving children.

Find out more about the American Apparel and Pencils of Promise partnership
How to enter

We’re your biggest

Here at UNiDAYS, we believe in students—you’re the future and you deserve a voice! We want to give you unique opportunities to gain some valuable life experiences, whether that’s internships with our awesome brands or rewarding volunteering challenges, like this. We want you to have the confidence to chase your dreams and do some super cool stuff—let’s face it, that isn’t always easy when you’re a broke college student. So, take a leap and do something fantastic for a worthy cause!

The prize

  • Two winners
  • July 12 - 16
  • A trip of a lifetime to make a difference in Guatemala
  • Supported by American Apparel and Pencils of Promise

Once there, you’ll have an incredible, rewarding experience contributing towards a school build, learning how Pencils of Promise support education and keeping a video diary to tell your volunteering story.

What we’re looking for

One word: passion!

Why should we send YOU to Guatemala? Tell us what this cause means to you - maybe you’re passionate about equal education or are already taking steps to make a difference in your local community. We’re looking for real advocates of social change and positive activism with enthusiasm and buttloads of personality.

Your Guatemala itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Guatemala City to scope school locations

Day 2

School construction activity

Day 3

A community visit to learn about Pencils of Promise’s Teacher Support and WASH programs

Day 4

Take part in an inauguration ceremony and cultural activity

Day 5

Experience the culture of Antigua and fly home

Now closed

Upload a short video of yourself before Feb 12 telling us why we should send YOU to Guatemala. This could be a link to YouTube, VImeo or a social media post - just make sure you check your privacy settings so we can watch it.

It doesn’t have to be long or complicated, we just want to see your passion and personality shine through.

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