Workout gear you deserve to buy if you're trying to hit the gym this year

New year, new me?

Welp, here we are. It's a new year, which unfortunately means that we can't lounge around and eat Christmas cookies all day anymore. If you're like the millions of Americans who resolve to hit the gym more this year, you deserve to look good doing it. This means.....SHOPPING TIME! Here are some of our fav pieces that will (maybe) motivate you to go to the gym. But, no pressure to actually go to the gym. Seriously.

Color-block leggings because why the hell not

An image You NEED a good pair of leggings in order to have a successful workout, and we’re obsessed with these ones from Aerie. The color blocking makes you look like you actually put in effort to look decent, but they’re still soooo comfy and perfect for whatever kind of workout you’re doing (or even for lounging around tbh).

An active tank that will look good on your instagram

An image Whether you’re doing yoga, going for a run, taking a pilates class, or even just jumping around on machines at the gym, you need to be able to breathe and move. A good, breathable tank, like this reversible mesh one from Reebok, is a perfect option. Plus, it’s cute and has a nice graphic print that will make you look like an Instagram model.

A GOOD sports bra because bouncing boobs are painful boobs

An image You can get pretty good sports bras that will do a fine job and not last you long, or you can use a student discount to get a really really good sports bra that will last you awhile AND will be comfortable. We loooove sports bras from Pink, and this one is a standout right now. It’s simple, cute, cozy, and durable.

Some lightweight shoes because you have enough weighing you down emotionally

An image You don’t want your shoes to weigh you down (that’s what ankle weights are for, right??), so it’s a good idea to have some lightweight yet durable sneakers in your wardrobe. The Cloudfoam Pure sneakers by Adidas are just that, and they come in a bunch of colors so you can match any outfit you wear. They can be worn from the library, to the gym, to class and keep you comfy (and keep your feet breathing) all the way.

A sturdy gym bag to hold all your sh*t

An image If you’re running from your internship to the gym and you need to bring your gym clothes with you, you need a nice, strong bag, But, you also want it to look good. Thankfully, Under Armour came through with a gym tote that checks all boxes, and can carry all things. And for that, we are forever grateful.

A cute sweatshirt even though you'll be super sweaty

An image Maybe you’re into outdoor running in the winter. Maybe you just want something to wear TO and FROM the gym. Or, maybe you just want an excuse to buy a cute cropped sweatshirt. Whatever the reason (and you don’t need to explain yourself), we’ve consulted American Apparel and found the perfect cropped sweatshirt. You’re so welcome.

A flowy tee for when you’re retaining a lot of water

An image Am I the only one who gets really bloated when working out? Seriously I’d really like to know. Anyway, if you’re like me and you aren’t super into form-fitting workout clothes, flowy tees are the right (and cute) thing to do. I’m obsessed with the asymmetrical hem on this tee from Puma! Total insta fitness model material (even though I def don’t spend enough time at the gym to be a fitness model).

Some statement sneakers that you’ll want to show off and take mirror selfies in

An image Whatever gets you up and moving, right? I do my best workouts when I get a new pair of sneakers, so I’m def gonna use that as an excuse to buy too many pairs of sneakers. These turquoise sneakers from New Balance (which come in other colors too!!!) are the perfect option because they’re pretty but they’re also high-quality shoes that will, like, support your feet properly.

Happy workouts, y'all!

And remember to do it for YOU, not for anyone else! You're perfect the way you are and if you decided not to make a New Year's resolution that's MORE THAN OKAY because we all motivate ourselves in different ways. Send tweet.

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