Work Off Those Holidays Calories!

The Holidays can be a tricky time for our waistlines, I mean it starts in late November with Thanksgiving and then it doesn't seem to stop until the dreaded New Year's Resolutions where we all vow to never eat sugar, fat and carbs again until we run into the nearest Krispy Kreme counter or packet of M&Ms... ‌
‌ Here are a few tips to help you keep on top of things over the Holiday season.

1. Watch Your Drink

You definitely don't want to spend most of your winter break feeling a bit worse for wear so pace yourself when you're partying and always make sure you eat before you head out for some beers or cocktails with your buddies. You also need to avoid dehydration so try to alternate between water or soft drinks and your alcoholic beverages. Plus, drink plenty of water before you head off to sleep! ‌

2. Get Active

Just because it's Christmas it doesn't mean that you have to sit on your behind all day. Get outside for a bike ride, a festive-feeling walk or even a job around your neighbourhood. Hey, even shopping actually counts as cardio this time of year! As long as you're not at a complete standstill for your entire winter break, you should be alright!

3. Add To Your Wish List

Add some awesome workout gear from Reebok to your wish list and hopefully when you find them under the tree on Christmas Day you'll be raring to go! I like the Les Mills Shorts for guys and the Les Mills Pink Tank Top for gals. New workout gear is definitely a motivator for me, why not give it a go yourself? Plus, don't forget to tell the people buying the gifts that you can grab an awesome 20% off with your UNiDAYS® discount! Article_Reebok

4. Don't Go Crazy

Obviously there's always the temptation to go off the rails and eat everything in sight during the Holidays, because, it's the Holidays right? But, remember how bad you feel when you can't move off the couch and your stomach is hurting because you're so full. You don't want that. Enjoy yourself and treat yourself but know when you're full. ‌

5. Start A New Hobby

Planning to start a new hobby or fitness regime come the New Year? Give yourself a head start and try it a few weeks before Christmas, this way, you'll give yourself a head start for January! Perhaps try CrossFit and treat yourself to some awesome Nano 5.0 sneakers. Article_Reebok2

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