Why you should be watching Pose

A House is a family that you choose

It's no secret that Ryan Murphy has had one hell of a career. Between Glee, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, and American Crime Story he's pretty much set for life. That being said, love him or hate him when he has an idea he knows how to bring it to life. Enter Pose and how it's bringing to the forefront conversations that would once have never been allowed on primetime TV.

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The setting

Set in 1987 during the midst of the HIV/AIDS crisis, Pose focuses on the ball culture found in NYC. Not entirely sure what "ball culture" means, I would suggest watching the documentary Paris is Burning before tuning into Pose in order to fully enjoy it. While the show has all the fashion and flare you'd expect from the 80s, it also doesn't shy away from the treatment many were facing as members of the LGBT community nor does it skimp on the rawness of NYC in its past.

The relationships

As budding "mother" Blanca states early on, a House is a family that you choose. Whether it's the "feud" between the House of Abundance and the up and coming House of Evangelista, the friendship between Pray Tell and Blanca, the budding romance between Ricky and Damon, or even the chemistry between Stan and Angel... the relationships seen on (and off the show) are what truly make Pose worth watching. The entire cast is ridiculously talented and makes everything they do on screen seem real which is the true mark of a fantastic show.

The representation

One of the most important things about Pose is that Murphy wanted to “celebrate them,” not exoticize or caricaturize the characters. Pose is certainly one of the most diverse shows on at the moment with everyone from Ryan Murphy darling Evan Peters to POC newcomers Ryan Jamaal Swain and Indya Moore.

Unlike many shows that cast cisgender actors in transgender roles, Pose made sure to cast actors that truly understand what it's like to go through the struggles their characters faced (including the fabulous Dominique Jackson, MJ Rodriguez, Hailie Sahar, and Angelica Ross).

Check out the trailer for yourself

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