Why It's OK To Take A College Break

School is starting up again and after a lengthy break of about a year and a half, I'm headed back! I really want to touch on how it's okay to take breaks from school and how your own health and happiness are very important factors to keep yourself afloat. My plan had always been to go through the visual degree and move straight on to another design oriented degree. But when I was going through college I basically sped through the entire thing and finished up about a year before I should have. While I was speeding through school, I started becoming incredibly stressed and easily irritated at pretty much everything in my life! I started realizing that I had become distant to friends and family and I just did not like the attitude I had towards a lot of things in my life. So I decided to take a break. After I graduated I immediately began working and it has been an amazing experience. No one really explains to you how great work experience actually is. I started working at a stylist company and I soon began to realise that it really wasn't what I want to do. Then, I found a job as a consultant with a tech company and I learned so much. I learned that I'm actually interested in business marketing, management, and social media! Going back is a little bit intimidating since I haven't done it in so long but it's something that I know I want. There are two very important things I have learned so far in this journey and here they are. I hope they help you if you're stuck between sticking it out and taking a break.

1. Everyone Has A Different Path

Just because your life isn't happening as quick as you want it to, doesn't mean that it's not happening! Don't get discouraged because you aren't at the point that you wanted to be by now. Don't comparing yourself to other people negatively. Use those people as push yourself to go higher.

2. Balance Your Heart & Mind

You need to make sure that your in the right mindset and your heart is in it. School sucks sometimes and if you're not ready to take it on, it's going to be absolute hell. You should know when you're ready to take it on. I waited and now I'm incredibly excited and I know what I want in life and what I want to gain from my education. Thanks for reading.

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