Who's under the mask? Ruby Rose to play Batwoman

DCs track record is...

Sketchy at best. The only realm they seem to do well in is television. They've had hits with Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash just to name a few. Recently it was announced that Ruby Rose would portray Kate Kane, who comic fans know as Batwoman. She will make her first appearance in December's four-show Arrowverse crossover.

Arrow even tweeted an image welcoming Ruby Rose to the role:

While many were excited about the prospect of an out lesbian superhero, CW's choice has been met with mixed emotions from Twitter. Ranging from less than thrilled to downright upset. Here are just a few of the responses received:

1. Could they have cast ANYONE else?

2. Either option is not the one wanted

3. Disappointed but not surprised

4. Not mad at it

5. I mean... they're not wrong

6. A whirlwind of emotions

7. Only one way to really find out

8. Not everyone was upset

9. Sips tea

Even a couple of celebrities dropped in to give their two cents:

10. Sarcasm at its finest

11. This is a red flag if ever I've seen one.

While the jury is still out as to whether or not Rose will deliver, what we should all probably agree on is that we need to give the actress a chance. Saying someone's going to do a terrible job before you've seen what they can bring is basically willing it into existence. All in all, Rose's casting opens the door for more LGBT+ representation in mainstream media by LGBT+ identifying individuals.

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