What do your stationery preferences say about you?

A planner is worth a thousand words….

I’ve always been a believer that you can tell a lot about a person by their stationery. First of all, if they have stationary other than a simple pencil and paper, it means they take pride in their work, they’re likely very organized, and they’re probably pretty particular.

This theory of mine goes deeper, too. I think that the patterns and colors that a person chooses for their stationary makes a statement too. I’ve rounded up a few examples of stationary I LOVE right now, and will give you my thoughts.

1. The bright and colorful

If you like your stationery to stand out, like this stunning Kate Spade planner, you’re probably a skilled communicator, a social butterfly, and a born organizer. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were involved in a myriad of different activities on-and-off-campus, and have lots of friends in different groups around campus. You believe that everything you have to do must be done WELL, and that you have to do everything in style. Lots of your friends admire your ability to get along with everyone you meet, make a great first impression on everyone, and get. sh*t. done.

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2. The full set

If you have a matching set of desk accessories, like this Kate Spade pencil case that matches the aforementioned planner, you probably have a unique (and enviable) ability to keep your life together regardless of whatever stress you’re under. You like to keep things cohesive, which enables you to stay organized and keep your head on straight. You probably have a tight circle of besties that you keep nearby, and you keep all of them from going insane. You might be the “mom” friend of the group, very protective over your flock- or maybe you’re the glue that binds them all together. Maybe you’re both! Either way, you’re an essential part of the squad.

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3. The quirky and fun

If your planner has cute little designs on it, or has a quirky vibe, you’re probably someone who has a lot going on inside your brain, but tries to keep a light and cheerful disposition in spite of it all. You have an extremely close and supportive group of friends around you, which helps you stay grounded and keep up your consistently positive attitude. You work yourself very hard and can get pretty stressed out, which is why having fun stationery like this Modcloth planner keeps you smiling, regardless of how you actually feel. Remember that you can be real and show your feelings, and it’s always good to have a healthy outlet for your stress!

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4. The simple and muted

If your stationery is more basic and muted, like a nice classic Moleskine, you’re probably a very focused, driven student who likes to separate school time from social time. You have a solid group of friends who share the same level headedness and focus as you, which enables you to have a blast when it’s the time and place. You truly embody the “work hard, play hard” mantra, and this is going to get you far in life. You probably balance a lot of different activities, classes, and obligations, but you do it without anyone ever seeing you stress out. This is an extremely admirable skill.

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5. The motivational

Having motivational messages on your stationary is best for people who (like me) can tend to be very hard on themselves, and need the occasional pick-me-up. You’re always doing better than you think you are, but you have a tendency of making yourself feel like you’re underperforming. By keeping little reminders around via a nice planner like this one from Typo, you can remind yourself what a boss you are every time you look at your planner. You probably don’t realize how much you inspire those around you, and how much your friends admire you. You’re always striving to improve, and this mentality will bring you very far in life.

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6. The spirited

If you have stationery that has the logo of either your school or your favorite sports team (which, btw, you can get at Fanatics for many of the bigger schools), you’re probably a high-spirited, omni-talented person who is always running around between activities like sports practices, club meetings, and different study groups. You probably have lots of different groups of friends around campus because of the diverse range of things you’re involved in, and you truly embody the spirit of the school. Because of your light-hearted demeanor, people may sometimes assume that you’re not a hard worker- but they would be horribly wrong, and you know deep down that you have a LOT on your plate.

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7. The wild and funny

If you have a goofy and fun planner like this one from ASOS , you’re probably the life of the party, and the one who can brighten anyone’s day. You’re one of the funniest people around, and while you have this silly side to you, you’re still able to seamlessly transition from “comedian mode” into “work mode” in a snap. You’re always the one to get the party going, and people naturally gravitate to you because of your infectious personality. You know that you should never take life too seriously, which is why you’re able to succeed in your work without getting too stressed out. You’re a great influence on your more anxious friends who stress about little things, and you’ve probably extended their lives by at least 3 years.

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8. The utensil snob

If you’re someone who has an array of fancy writing utensils, like this matching set of pencils from Urban Outfitters, it’s likely that you’re very sophisticated and all about the hashtag-aesthetic. Your Insta is probably brilliantly styled, your dorm is probably decorated like a palace, and you probably try to look like a person for class every day (no baggy sweats for you...unless they’re inspired by a Kylie Jenner outfit). You’re organized and aim for perfection in everything that you do, and you’re probably a time management wizard. Keep being your stunning, organized self.

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