We'll tell you what Bratz doll goes with your zodiac sign

When it comes it zodiac signs, you already know we’re all in!

It’s easy to get lost in tons of online quizzes and twitter threads to find your perfect aesthetic that the stars created just for you. Here’s another one! This time, we’re taking a trip down memory lane with Bratz dolls! If you’ve been looking for the perfect Bratz doll to recreate a picture of or looking for some style inspo, let your zodiac Bratz doll be your guide!


You’re a brave and fearless natural leader. Sometimes you can be a bit selfish, but let’s be honest, who can’t be? With your fiery personality and loyal heart, there can be unnecessary drama, but that’s what makes an Aries so out of the ordinary. You’re the rule-breakers!


You’re driven, persistent, and a bit stubborn too. You’re strength and commitment makes you a great friend. You love to be and are constantly surrounded by life’s treasures and pleasures! You enjoy the little things in life making you practical and well grounded.


Your creativity and curiosity bring your dreams to life. Sometimes you have a fear of the future, but that’s because you want everything to work out right. You love the thrills and even the spills of drama but even though you’re a little bit mischievous, that doesn’t mean you’re not friendly and charming.


You have a strong intuition and sense of your soul. Sometimes negative thinking gets you down, that’s why it’s important to focus on the everyday matters. Pay attention to the moon, to know when your most sensitive and accessible to change. Your unconditional love makes you a great friend. An image img source


Your golden personality makes you brave and loyal. You love life and everything that comes with it. Sometimes you could be a little bit bossy and arrogant but it’s only because you want to live all your dreams out. Your riskiness and courage make you a great protector and nurturer. An image img source


Your sense of tolerance and determination brings out your creativity. Try not to worry about everything. You are the reason why people can never judge a book by cover because you’re so unique. Even though sometimes you need things to be perfect,you’re still humble and modest. An image img source


You’re so outgoing and very social that sometimes it’s scary to handover your powers to others; however, your life is always full of surprises and fun. You’re on your own league creating an exciting life for yourself. Get ready for the next adventure! An image img source


Your loyal and honest, even though sometimes you have a fear of change. Usually, you know just what you want and just how to get there. Don’t be afraid to go after it, because everything will align in the end. Trust your judgment and your desires— you never know where it might lead you.


You’re adventurous and fearless. You look at life with a positive attitude and full of love, like looking through life with rose-colored glasses. Even though you can be a bit stubborn, it’s just because you love to have a successful day. Sometimes things can be difficult, but don’t worry too much because everything will be okay in the end. An image img source


Your discipline and your organization skills are what get you where you need to go. It’s okay to hold onto the past sometimes, but try not to take life too seriously. You have this unique originality and ability to be exactly who you are. Don’t let life get you down. Your big personality draws people towards you. An image img source


Your somebody people can always rely on and you have such a bright future. Your artistic talents are your special gifts. Don’t forget to appreciate yourselves and don’t let the fear of rejection get you down. Do what you love and allow your ability to be different shine through. An image img source


You often find it easy to adapt and you have this great creative approach to your life. With the flexibility to move through life, sometimes you’re scared of the future. Don’t let that fear change your attitude and desires. You’re so unique that sometimes you feel like a fish out of water but that’s what makes you authentic. An image img source

Hope you love your Bratz doll and your zodiac! Don’t forget to go out there and seize the day! You’ve got this! Everyone has such a unique personality, allowing life to be special and full of surprises! Hope it’s a good one!

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