We Know What Song You Go Crazy for at Frats Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Everybody has that one song, and we know yours.

When Thursday night rolls around on college campuses, everybody knows what’s to come. It’s time to ditch the sweatshirt you usually roll on before heading to class, stash away your books until your trip to the library Sunday morning, and find out what fraternities are having parties this weekend. The best part about frat parties is the music. Especially when your favorite song comes on, there’s no better feeling than screaming the words with your best friends. Everybody’s “one song” is different, and here’s yours!


There’s nobody like an Aquarius. Fiercely unique, progressive and independent, you’ll likely love that one song that is so new nobody’s even heard it yet. Not that that matters much to you, you feel really cool knowing all the words to a song nobody knew about yet. Your song is Sunday Morning (feat. Josie Dunn) by Matoma. Just dropped, up and coming EDM vibe, and a killer bass drop, when this comes on and you scream with excitement, you have everyone in the room wishing they had your Spotify playlist. An image img source


Pisces are the most musical of the zodiac signs, so you know a good song when you hear one. You’re not a big fan of electronic music, you need instruments, compelling lyrics, “real music” as you probably call it. That being said, it still needs a little bump and a good song to dance too, after all, it is a frat party. Your song is “Happier” by Bastille, Marshmallow remix. It has the elements of a great band, good lyrics, but still a song to make everyone jump to their feet- including you. An image img source


Ah, Aries, you aren’t the most patient, so you probably spent the entire night begging the DJ to let you have the aux to play this one song. You’re very passionate, that includes being passionate about your music taste. You’re the life of the party, and you want something on that’ll make everyone lose their minds. “Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott is your first choice, and as soon as that first verse comes on, you’re screaming it alone with everyone else. An image img source


You’re a big romance person, and you want a song that’ll make you lock eyes with the cutie across the room and force him to feel the sparks flying. “So Close” by NOTD is your song, because it’s fast-paced, fun, but will for sure make a guy notice you if you’re dancing to the lyrics “Thinking about you, as you’re lying next to someone else..” You are devoted to being noticed and all eyes will be on you. An image img source


You like a song you know everyone can dance too, you want to make sure the people around you are having just as much fun as you are. You like a vast array of music and are pretty much adaptable to anything. That’s why your favorite song isn’t necessarily a song, but a mix of everybody’s favorites. “Big Booty Remix 15”, an hour-long compilation of classics, hit songs, and absolute jams. Mixed by Two Friends and released on SoundCloud, you know for sure you’ll have a great time when this comes on. An image img source


As persuasive as you are, you can get the aux easily and play basically anything you want. But you’re not a fan of anything basic, and you’ll probably want to switch things up with some alternative rock. Your go to is probably something like “Feel it Still by Portugal the Man”. A different kind of vibe than what was playing before, but still something everyone is down for. You’re definitely a rebel just for kicks. An image img source


You’re the life of the party and you want a song everyone can watch you break it down for. As funny as you are, you definitely know the stupid dance moves that go with every song. When “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X comes on, you know you’re getting in the middle of the circle and riding that horse til you can’t no more. You probably heard this song on Tik Tok before anyone else did, and have also probably claimed to “discover” this song multiple times. Drop it down low, Leo. An image img source


You’re shy, to say the least, so it takes a lot for you to get to the middle of the dance floor and bust down as hard as you possibly can. It has to take a very special song, one you couldn’t possibly not sing to, to make you lose yourself in the music. “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield is for sure a song you can’t refuse. You let your friends grab your hands and let yourself feel the (metaphorical) rain on your skin, because honey, no one else can feel it for you. An image img source


You tend to be fine with every song, you’re good at cooperating, and you’re fine with what every song everyone else wants to dance too. As a Libra, you’re dancing all night anyway, but when “Thotiana” by Blueface comes on, and you see everyone busting down, you go insane. The energy bouncing off the walls from this hit song energizes you, and before you know it you’re taking charge, and you’re in the spotlight. I wanna see you bust down. An image img source


As passionate as you are, this definitely extends to your music taste. If you want a song, you already know it’s playing next. You’re just assertive like that. Because of being the social butterfly you are, you want a song you know everyone can sing along too. And that’s why when “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande comes on, you just lose it. You find that the song relates to your love life in a strange way. Well, you’re a Scorpio, so it isn’t that strange. An image img source


Sag, you want a song that’ll have you standing on an elevated surface, screaming the words and playing air guitar like there’s no tomorrow. If people hype you up enough, you’ll probably start break dancing on the disgusting frat floor. The song to do that is definitely “Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky. You delight in the fact that you can play the part of Chris Brown, Lil Dicky, and even make a sick cameo as Kendall Jenner (even though her line kind of ruins the song). An image img source


You’re responsible, you’re calm cool and collected and it takes a lot for you to go crazy. It has to be an oldie, one that you grew up listening to back in your middle school emo phase. So, “Mr Brightside” by the Killers is your weakness. When it comes on, you’re totally coming out of your cage, and you look just fine doing it. An image img source

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