Top 6 Apps For Going Back To College

If you’re heading back to college soon and want to know about the coolest and most useful apps, you’re in the right place! Plus, don’t forget you can save yourself up to $200 at the Apple Education Store and get a free pair of wireless Beats headphones when you buy an eligible Mac, iPhone or iPad. Sweet!

1. Pages

If you want an easy to function word processor that makes professional looking documents, then pages is for you! What’s great about this app is that iCloud is built in, so you can sync documents from your Apple devices. Why not make life easier for yourself?


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3. The Photo Cookbook - Quick & Easy

As the title would suggest, this app is all about convenience. Each recipe has a photograph of all the ingredients you’ll need, so rather than faffing around with lists, you can use this as your reference. Each step is clearly explained, so you can say goodbye to confusing cooking jargon. You’ll be a pro in no time!

4. QuickVoice Recorder

Heading back to college might take its toll on your concentration, so to avoid missing any important information, check out QuickVoice Recorder. This app will record your lecture for you and can be emailed and set as a voice reminder. Plus, you don’t have to stay on the app whilst it’s recording. Winner.

5. Studious

Every year we say that we want to be more organized, yet by the second week it’s utter carnage. Well, thanks to Studious, that can be very different this year. This app enables you to plan and organize homework, and also politely reminds you when your exams are approaching. Say hello to the new, organized you!

6. Stop, Breathe & Think

I just love the name of this app. It’s so true - sometimes you just need to relax. Heading back to college can make you feel overwhelmed, so making sure you take a moment is essential. This app uses meditation techniques to calm you down quickly, so you can feel re-energised and ready to smash the day ahead!

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