Top 5 Spring Break Safety Tips

Spring Break can be the best week of your college year, but, if you're not careful you can encounter extra stress and problems that you just don't need on vacay. Make sure you're all over your safety with these top 5 tips.

1. Store Your Tickets

Make the most of your iPhone and use your in built Wallet for storing your card details where you can use Apple Pay to purchase things without having to get your actual wallet out. You can also store your boarding pass, coupons and loyalty cards all in the same place - handy!

2. Stay Together

When you're on vacation with a group of friends in a place that you're not familiar with it's really important that you stick together for the majority of the trip. Of course, we're not saying that you need to be joined at the hip but don't let your friend wander off on their own at a party or, if you're heading to find the store on the way back from a bar, take someone with you. Make sure you've downloaded the Find My Friends app and arrange a meeting place just in case you do get split up.

3. Mind Your Money

Don't blow all your cash in the first one or two days, use a budgeting app like Moni to make sure you're not overspending. It's also wise to not take out all of your cash in one go, only take out what you've budgeted for the day and you'll stick to your budget and you won't end up in any situations that are too sticky if you lose or get your money stolen.

4. Look Up Your Hook Ups

This might sound a bit odd, but sometimes that guy or girl that you've just met might not be who they say they are. Use your iPhone to check them out on Facebook, Instagram and maybe even LinkedIn if you really want to see if they are who they say they are! If they're not willing to give you their full name, it's probably because they're not legit.

5. Watch Your Drinks

Spring Break is all about having a drink and having fun with your buddies, sure! But, don't let drinking turn your day or night into a bad time. Track your drinks with a monitoring app such as IntelliDrink PRO and you won't end up with alcohol poisoning or worse. Don't forget that you can save up to $200 at the Apple Store for Education using your UNiDAYS® discount - this means up to $200 off Macs and more!

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