Top 3 Spring Break road trips

Spring Break is fast approaching and apart from your regular, ‘let's hit the beach and drink all day and night’ kind of trips, why not hit the open road for an adventurous road trip to take in the sights and tick a few things off your bucket list. Because let’s be honest, drinking for a week straight, is not as fun as it sounds when the hangovers kick in. So I’ve put together a list of my top 3 Spring Break road trip ideas.

1. Utah to Arizona

Start by taking in the views of the brilliant Salt Lake City, then driving to Horseshoe Bend for a trek with breathtaking views. Then onto the Grand Canyon, where there are a choice of numerous activities such as taking in more incredible views or rafting down the Colorado River. Next on the list is Devil’s Bridge Trail, which is simply a must for you adventurous lot. And finally, a short 30 minute drive away, is Cathedral Rock, where I recommend going for either sunrise or sunset to round off your trip in a great way! ‌ Total Miles - 652 Total Travel time - 15.5 hours

2. West Coast

Take advantage of the Pacific Coast Highway, where you can pretty much stop off anywhere between San Francisco and San Diego and enjoy great views and cities along the way. But I recommend starting in San Francisco to see the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Then, stop at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to relive your childhood on the rides and in the amusements. Next on the list is Ventura, a great spot for some surfing and enjoying the historic town. Followed by a quick stop in Malibu to take in the sandy beaches. Of course Los Angeles is on the list, where you can take in the views from the Hollywood sign, stroll down Sunset Boulevard and go on a stars’ home tour. Ending your trip in San Diego where Point Loma gives you an incredible view of the city, which is a great way to end your trip! ‌
Total Miles - 600 Total Travel time - 11 hours

3. South East

Starting in Miami, take a trip to South Beach to enjoy the white sandy beach and clear blue water, before driving up to the popular Orlando. This is one for the Disney lovers and adrenaline junkies with a huge choice of theme parks to visit. Moving north in Florida, take a stop off at one of the world's most famous beaches, Daytona Beach - where driving on the beach is the norm. Next on the list is Jacksonville, where you can visit the popular zoos, or go to ‘Friendship Fountain’ (perfect opportunity whilst road trippin’ with your pals). Rounding the trip off in Savannah, where you can view the Talmadge Memorial Bridge and visit Tybee Island where you can soak up the sun and enjoy it’s natural beauty.  
Total Miles - 525 Total Travel time - 6.75 hours

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