Top 3 Internship Beauty Tips

Listen up pretty ladies, it's time to get your internship beauty stash ready! When it comes to your internship makeup and hair, it needs to be professional and long-lasting so you look fresh for the whole working day. Plus, you don't want to spend $100s of dollars on this so it's pretty convenient that we've got up to 15% off your favorite beauty brands!

1. Keep It Minimal

In a really corporate environment you'll definitely need to keep makeup to a minimum and stick to neutral colours. If you're working in a more creative environment then you can get away with more of a statement lip or a cat-eye eyeliner flick. But, you don't want to look like you're off our for cocktails with the girls so if you're planning to wear a bright lipstick then stick to a slick of mascara and subtle blush to keep things low key. Article-eyes Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette - Warm Neutral

2. Prep It!

Use a primer and let your moisturizer sink into your skin for at least 15 minutes before applying your foundation so it doesn't slip off. Use this time to do you hair or prep your lunch!

3. Neat & Tidy

This is the key for hair, beauty and nails when it comes to being office or internship-appropriate. Chipped nails are a definite no-no so invest in a great topcoat or gel nails that last at least a week. We love these neutral nails with a hint of nail art from Julep! ‌
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