Too Hot To Sleep?

Summer has many perks, but something which definitely isn’t sweet is trying to get some shut-eye when you’re boiling up. Well, lucky for you, sleepless summer nights can be a thing of the past. Here are our top 4 tips.

1. How Low Can You Go?

Now, without getting all science-ified, one of the best ways to combat the hot air is to sleep on a ground floor. Why? Heat rises. If you’re living in one-story student digs, haul the mattress down onto the floor. Seriously, try it! You can have that beauty sleep after all.

2. Get The Sleepwear Right

Not feeling the fluffy Christmas pyjamas this summer? Using your UNiDAYS® discount you can save yourself 10% at La Senza, so easy-going sleepwear is just a few clicks away. Check out this super sexy yet lightweight Lined Microfibre Chemise. Or, if you’re more of a shorts and tee kinda gal, these Scoop Neck Tanks plus these Lounge Shorts = the ultimate summer PJs! lasenza-article

3. Tootsie Temperature

Your feet are massively important to your overall body temperature because they contain lots of pulse points. You’ll find your whole body feels cooler if you dip your feet in some cold water before hitting the sack. Alternatively, dampen some cotton socks with cold water and pop them on in bed. As odd as it sounds, it actually works!

4. Plugs? Unplugged!

Even though it may seem like such a small change, unplugging your gadgets will make a big difference. Even when your phone or laptop is on charge and switched off, it will be giving off heat. Plus, think about the extra pennies you can save from reducing your energy usage. Nifty, huh? lasenza-perk

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