Things that take longer than voting

It takes, like, 10 minutes MAX

It’s almost time to vote. Voting takes very little time, it’s super invigorating (you kinda feel like Leslie Knope), and it’s IMPORTANT...but a lot of people say that they “don’t have time” to do it. When you get to the polling station and get your ballot, it literally takes a few moments for you to finish up. Obviously you should pay attention and do your research beforehand, but that’s not hard at all thanks to websites like

To prove to you just how quick and easy voting is, here are some things that take LESS time than voting.

Watching an episode of The Office

And don't they just fly by? An image Gif source

Taking a nap

Even if you’re a power napper. An image Gif source

Eating a burger

It doesn’t matter how fast of an eater you are! An image Gif source

Doing laundry

I mean, duh. And nobody will take your ballot out of the dryer and leave it on the floor! An image Gif source

Taking a shower

And this is coming from an EXPERT speed-showerer. An image Gif source

Writing an Instagram caption

Another high-stakes activity. An image Gif source

Cooking ramen

By the time the noodles are soft, you would be done filling out your ballot. An image Gif source

Writing an email to your professor

Because you take time to make it perfect even though you know they’ll just reply, “K. -Sent from my iPhone” An image Gif source

Going to the gym

And voting doesn’t make you sweaty! An image Gif source

Eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s

Trust me, I can do damage on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s really fast. But voting still takes me less time! An image Gif source

Petting a dog

Granted there is no limit to how long you can pet a fluffy doggo…and who knows, maybe there will be one at the polling station! An image Gif source

Waking your roommate up

Ballots don’t need a loud alarm to go off every 5 minutes for an hour. An image Gif source

Walking to class

My school is barely even 1-mile long and it still takes me less time to vote than it does to walk to class. An image Gif source

Texting your crush

And a ballot will never ghost you!!! An image Gif source

Waiting in line at Starbucks

Plus, voting is free. An image Gif source

Explaining your joke to your mom

And voting will never get you in trouble for being “inappropriate.” An image Gif source

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