The Olympics are over... now what


Every four years, the world watches as athletes at the top of their game gather together to compete in an international show of sportsmanship. And each year it's a gamble to see which country will come out on top. For many, they instantly stan their home country (chants of USA! USA! USA! gotta come from somewhere). For others, an athlete captures their heart and they go from stanning their own country to one they barely know anything about (i.e. me and Canada after watching Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir masterfully ice dance their way to the gold).

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But sadly... the Winter Olympics are now over and we have to wait FOUR MORE YEARS (or two if you count the Summer Olympics) to root for our favorite countries once more. Now what? Well imma tell you now what. The people over at Casetify have designed a World 2018 Capsule Collection that'll help you show your spirit long after the Pyeongchang games are just a memory.

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When you're America AF

Nothing says you go hard for the USA like the American Flag. Have it displayed proudly as you text while walking or take a call. I mean, can you really ever go wrong with Old Glory?! The answer to that is, of course, no.

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When you rooted hard for Russia... I mean the O.A.R.

Although Russia had plenty of scandal this year, it didn't stop them from making it to the Olympics. If you want to relive the drama for years to come, why not update your Apple Watch to reflect your allegiance?

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When you were all about EVERY country

Sometimes you just don't know WHO to root for. Even after people are up on the podium, you STILL don't know whether you want to root for your own athletes or the cute one from the country you know little about. Well in that case, Casetify has got your back!

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When you we no nonsense for Norway

The Norwegians know what's up. I mean just look at their "no jerks policy" and their pretty high medal count. If the country has your heart, why not slap it on your wrist and update your tech?

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When you were all about Australia

Although not many associate Australia with snow and the Winter Olympics, they still killed the game when it came to snowboarding. If the Hemsworth brothers are your idols and you're all about that Outback lifestyle, look no further.

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When you know EVERY word to 'Oh Canada'!

More than just maple syrup lovers, the Canadians have always had a very steady yet excellent performance at the Winter Olympics. If you want to be Tessa and Scott, you gotta start small. Baby steps include a new strap for your Apple Watch.

An image Doesn't matter if your country slayed or was slayed by the competition, you can still show your spirit. After all, these are just a few items from the collection. Check it out for yourself and get ready for Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022!

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