Tell us why you're the Most Curious and you could win a $2,000 scholarship

What's the curiosi[tea]?

The lightbulb. The cell phone. The slushy machine. All inventions born of curiosity.

Motorola (who developed the first cell phone back in 1973, btw) wants to recognize a student who always asks “why”—whether they’re in STEM or simply love corn syrup and crushed ice (and have lots of free time). That's why they're giving $2,000 to one outstandingly curious student.

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How do I win?

If you are someone (or you know someone) whose curiosity has led to something cool- a product, an idea, a service... ANYTHING- write a short essay telling us about it! Ignore Kendrick NOT be humble.

Don't forget to show us on social using #MotorolaUNiDAYS or tagging Motorola on Twitter @motorolaus. Though it's not required, preference miiiight be given to students who post on social media.

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Where do I apply?

Right here!

Anything else I need to know?

The terms and conditions can be found here. Our friends at Going Merry will make sure your application is in good hands! Remember, you don't have to be the founder of a multi-million dollar company to have worthwhile thoughts!

The smallest spark of inspiration can lead to the biggest and most influential ideas. So, basically, we're saying BELIEVE IN URSELF. Don't you DARE try to pretend that your ideas don't deserve to be heard (unless, like, you're evil).

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We can't wait to hear about the inner workings of your brains!!!

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