Studying from home 101

Get dressed

For the fashion-forward, this is the perfect time to test out the more “experimental” looks (quadruple denim, maybe?) For the rest of us, getting dressed can be a great, subconscious reminder that a) it’s day time b) to be productive.

Enjoy your extra time

Utilize the time you save by not traveling to and from class. As tempting as it might be to lose an hour to Tik Tok, do things that make your soul happy: do some spring cleaning, listen to music, or get some chores out of the way.

Set up your workspace

Chances are, you already have a desk space, buut now’s the time to get it feeling calming, cosy and uplifting. Whether it’s a second monitor, a new mouse, a plant or - our personal favorite - a bowl of snacks, find the home-study set-up that works for you. If you’re looking for a complete laptop overhaul, check out the HP Envy 13 laptop. We love it. Don't forget you can grab up up 35% off.

Stay in touch

Being in isolation doesn’t have to mean being alone. Revisit your group chats, jump on FaceTime with a friend, or go old school and just call someone. If you think someone might be feeling alone or vulnerable at the moment, get in touch and chat - sometimes it can make the world of difference!


Once you’ve hit your work targets (or are close… there’s always tomorrow), it’s time to take a well-earned relaxation break. Kick back and catch up on some shows you take your mind off things.

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