St. Patrick's Day shirts for the funny lads out there

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Michael Scott

St. Patrick's Day is a pretty big deal. If you're Irish, it's a nod to your heritage and if you're not-- the Irish are inclusive enough to grant you the title of "Irish for a day" anyway. It's a total honor considering Irish people are the most fun, coolest and most attractive people on the planet. Oh, did I mention, I'm Irish?

It's also a great holiday because you don't need to buy anyone a present, you don't need to travel to be with Grandma, and there's some spirit in dressing up and wearing green but you don't need to put a bunch of energy into a costume you'll only wear once. So long as you're wearing green in some capacity, you won't risk getting pinched (that's a real thing) but if you need a little something new for the day, here are my picks:

Erin go black

TeeFury makes awesome t-shirts and their selection for St. Patrick's Day is no different! I love this Beer Leaf Clover t-shirt because it really conveys the point I'm trying to get across on this day which is "I love beer". It's definitely not the funniest shirt on this list, but in the sleek black, you're bound to be a hit at any party.

I'm feeling this Lepre-con shirt from Ript Apparel because it combines two of my greatest passions, Comic Con & Paddy's Day. In some ways, I guess St. Paddy's is like one giant global Lepre-con, though. Sure, there aren't any panels and you prob won't see Hugh Jackman, but the bathroom lines are sure to be really long, the palest people will attend, and you'll probably make friends with some really nice strangers, just like the real Comic Con.

Black Irish

Irish You The Best

This Irish I Could Drink shirt from Ript Apparel is perfectly hilarious, includes one B.A. dino and will have everyone sparking up convos with you all day/night (so wear at your own risk, actually).

You need this Irish You Would shirt from TeeFury. It's pretty much completely classic in color and imagery but the pun is very funny and I really would like to have a few drinks with that leprechaun.

Are video games your thing? Then you NEED this Start Drinking exclusive t-shirt from Ript Apparel. You'll be the hit of any party and if there are video games you'll probably get first dibs because you are so fashion-forward and we all know how much people who play video games love fashion. So that's cool!

Irish Puns

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