So you're going to Comic Con: Cosplay 101

Alright... maybe it's a bit late for SDCC

Seeing as we're on day 2 of THE biggest Comic Con in the world, I figured it would be appropriate to bust out some tips I've learned over the course of my 5 years of attending the convention. Yes I know that this isn't going to be helpful to some but it will be helpful to those attending NYCC in the fall. I'm what you'd call a "casual cosplayer" as I pretty much only do it during Halloween, theme parties, and conventions. Anyways, without further ado... here are the 4 biggest tips I can leave you with to start (or continue) your cosplay journey.

1. Decide how "into it" you're going to get

Are you gonna go all out and make sure your outfit is movie or tv quality? Or do you just want a subtle nod? Depending on how into it you're going to get determines just how much time, money and effort you need to create the final look. Personally I like to dress as movie or TV characters that have pieces I'd wear in every day life so the commitment isn't as extreme. See below my attempt at a last minute Marty (aka Marti) McFly.

2. Buy pieces you know you can't make

Before you go thinking you're going to save money by making a piece.... at least KNOW your limits. Nothing's worse than working on part of your costume only to f*ck it up and end up having to buy a piece anyhow.

3. Prepare WAY in advance

You HAVE got to prepare. Don't get stressed the day before the convention that your costume isn't finished or you couldn't fit it into your bag. If you have everything prepared, you can make last minute adjustments and know you're gonna rock whatever character you're portraying.

4. Have fun

The biggest thing is to just have fun! Who cares how accurate your costume is if you worked hard on it and love it?! I certainly don't. Yeah you might get judged but like I said, so long as you love it and have a hell of a time.... it doesn't matter what others thing. Well, so long as you're not entering a masquerade.

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