Passion For Dance? Teach Zumba!

We've caught up with Bianca, a college Zumba instructor at USC, Los Angeles for her advice and top tips on how and why to become a college Zumba instructor. Plus you can grab 15% off Zumba instructor training with your UNiDAYS college discount!

UNiDAYS: What's your college major and where do you study?

I actually just graduated from USC this past May with a BA Psychology and a Minor in Dramatic Arts.  

UNiDAYS: Why did you decide to become a Zumba instructor?

Ever since I was little I have always had a passion for dancing.  I was on a dance team growing up, but when my family and I moved, there wasn’t a dance studio close to us, so I decided to try out a Zumba class at our local gym.  After that one class, I was hooked.  After being a regular of that Zumba class for two years, the Zumba Iistructor pulled me aside after class and asked if I was interested in getting certified as an instructor.  She explained to me the process and when I moved to LA the following month, I became certified and started teaching at USC.  I knew I would love this job because not only was it a fun way to get a great workout, but it would also provide me with the opportunity to share my passion of dance with others.  

UNiDAYS: Would you recommend being a Zumba instructor to other college students? If yes, why?

MOST DEFINITELY! I honestly am so happy I became a Zumba Instructor because not only has it enabled me get into better shape, it has let me help inspire and motivate others.  Seeing students come in looking tired or sad from studying, homework, or other things and then halfway through your class crack a smile because they are feeling the music, the moves, and themselves is one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that you can make a small difference in someone’s day by simply teaching an hour of dance to people is a very rewarding feeling. ‌

UNiDAYS: What’s your favorite move to use in your Zumba classes?

My favorite move to use in Zumba would probably be the body roll because it makes people feel sexy, works the abs, helps to accentuate curves and is a pretty basic move anyone can master with practice.  

UNiDAYS: Is there a particular song you love to feature in your Zumba classes?

I love to use the clean version of “Bend Ova” by Lil Jon featuring Tyga in my class as the last hard cardio song.  This song has a fast beat, so it pushes the class to give me their all in 3 minutes before we start to cool down our bodies.  The song is a great motivational song that challenges us to all push-through, not give up and tone our whole body.  In this song, I give my class a total body workout from squats, lunges, jumping jacks, booty shaking and more!  It definitely is a class favorite!

UNiDAYS: What is the best thing about Zumba?

The best thing about Zumba is that it has essentially become a melting pot of cultures.  Not only does it incorporate different combinations of Latin dance styles, it is mixed with the Instructor’s own flavor as well as music/moves from all over the world!  Something I think that makes Zumba so cool is that there is no one body type that it is meant for; anyone who is willing to have a good attitude and dance to workout will benefit from it.  I think the greatest thing about Zumba is that it allows people of all different cultures to come together and share their love of dance with one another.   A massive thanks to Bianca for these answers, hopefully this has inspired guys to try Zumba! You can find Bianca on Instagram. Zumba-2

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