Oh Christmas tree [decoration themes]


The best thing about being in college is that you can get a little Christmas tree and make it look however you want without your mom hijacking the artistic direction of it. So, obviously, it's a great time to go crazy with it and have fun! We've compiled some of the best tree themes that Pinterest had to offer so you could spruce (Get it? Like spruce tree? Haaaaa) things up a bit.

Winter wonderland

Trim the tree with some fake snow and use silver and white ornaments to create a wintery effect! If you want to take this look to the next level, you can buy fake trees that are white! Very posh.

Frosty the snow...tree

Ornaments can be expensive, so you can skip that step and make your tree look like a big jolly snowman by wrapping white tulle around the whole thing, then popping on a scarf and a snowman head (you can buy or make this!). So cute, especially with the lights shining through the tulle!

Family tree

This is SO perfect for your dorm or apartment!!! Decorate the tree with pics of you and your roomies together to make it cute, nostalgic, and really yours.


Whether you're showing off your pride or just trying to make something colorful, a rainbow tree will be a great addition to any room! It's a great way to be festive without being exclusively Christmassy, in case you or your roomies don't celebrate Christmas. Plus, how fun is the ombre effect?!

Harry Pottree

Embrace your inner Potterhead by bringing Hogwarts to your dorm! You can theme it specifically to your Hogwarts house, or keep it generic! This is another way to avoid overt Christmas themes. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but everyone can agree Harry Potter is cool.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

If you're more of a Halloween person, embrace it! Grab some purple and white tulle, print out some Jack Skellington heads (it's cheaper than buying ornaments!), and you're good to go!

Merry bingemas

Whether you're a film major or just an avid binge-watcher of movies, this is the tree for you! Imagine a dark room, illuminated only by Netflix and this tree. I can already smell the popcorn.


If you're more of a flannel kinda person, let your tree reflect it! Plaid ribbon, pine cones, and moose ornaments contribute to a lovely, cozy feel. All you need to do is put a fake fire on your laptop screen!

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