Monster College Essentials

By Monster, we don't just mean Monster, we mean huge as well. These are some awesome products that you might not think you need straight away, but they'll change your college life!

1. The USB Cable

So, a USB cable? I know what you're thinking. How boring. But just wait, the Monster Mobile Connect2 Micro Mini USB Cable is super useful for travelling or when you don't have loads of space to store stuff. This = your college life. Dorm room's aren't the biggest bedrooms ever and you're expected to have everything in there. Save yourself a bit of space by not having drawers full of cables with this multi-use badboy. It has a Micro USB on one side and a standard on the other.Article-size_MP_1

2. The Sport Headphones

Monster's iSport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones are great if you're a runner or you're into your gym training. They won't fall out when you're mid-stride or in the middle of your set and they're sweat-proof and feature unrivalled Pure Monster Sound® to power you through.

3.The Portable Battery

Hate when your cell phone loses charge when you're out at class all day? Grab an emergency PowerCard Portable Battery to stash in your wallet or purse just like a credit card. It's only a quarter of an inch thick and weighs a tiny 1.6 ounces. This badboy lasts can provide five extra hours of smartphone power. It also comes in five different colors, if red isn't your thing! Article-size_MP_2

4. The Screen Cleaner

I bet you don't know how much bacteria is harboring on your smartphone screen? This bacteria can lead to unnecessary spots and pimples and worse! Give it a clean every week with some nifty CleanTouch Screen Cleaner.

5. The AC Unit

Another charging essential is the Outlets to Go 300 Travel Kit. Perfect for when you're studying and don't have enough power outlets to charge your laptop, phone and tablet - sounds crazy but it happens. Be prepared with Monster!

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