Meghan Markle's old pump-up playlist was discovered and we're obsessed

Pump up like a princess a duchess. But close enough.

A true icon at Elle did the lord’s work and found Meghan Markle’s pump-up playlist. Back in her pre-duchess days, Meghan posted this 6-song playlist on her old blog, The Tig, and described it as a "fresh dose of unbridled joy" (a v accurate description).

I've compiled the songs in a list below so you can put them together in your own playlist and live every day like royalty (Apple Music student discount say whaaaaat?).

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Enjoy, and please don’t become a duchess before me!

1. Maggie Rogers- “Dog Years”

This song has a cool 80s vibe to it, and Maggie Rogers has a crystal-clear voice. It’s uplifting and empowering and I love it.

2. Crystal Fighters- “LA Calling”

This song sounds like summer, and it has the greatest beat. It’s officially what I’m listening to the next time I’m sad.

3. Mr Little Jeans- “Don’t Run”

This song is airy and rhythmic, and the chorus sounds like what it feels like to dive into a refreshing pool.

4. Flight Facilities, Reggie Watts- “Sunshine”

I wish I had a convertible so I could drive around playing this with the top down. I’m almost positive that’s how it was meant to be listened to.

5. Janelle Monáe- “Dance Apocalyptic”

Janelle never disappoints...but damn I’ve been sleeping on this song! I might actually go for a run if this song was playing the whole time.

6. Dragonette- “Let it Go”

This is a fun, bouncy song that makes me want to crazy-dance for 2 hours straight.

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