Juggling College Studies and Friends

Adjusting to college life can be difficult at times, and trying to juggle your college studies with a social life and family time is even tougher. Trying to please everyone can’t always happen and it’s important to learn how to balance them without compromising your studies. There’s always time to make a 5 minute call to your parents, and you’ll find talking to them can help make you relax. I’ve learned it can be done! Here are my 6 top tips on how to juggle college studies, a relationship and friends.

1. Lists Are Now Your Best Friend

Keeping track of my responsibilities and the things I had to do each week was my college savior! It may seem simple but a lot of people don’t use lists and forget plans they’ve made and work they should have started. I suggest writing the most important things at the top of the list so you can learn to prioritize and put the list in a place you will always see. Mine’s on the fridge (my most regular hang out!).


2. Identify Your Best Work Environment

Maximizing productivity means college work can be done quicker and to a higher standard, leaving spare time to enjoy with friends. Getting more done when needed and meeting deadlines helped to lift my mood and lower my stress levels meaning I was able to enjoy my spare time guilt-free!


3. Have A Planner

Having a schedule meant I was able to juggle my time better and do everything I wanted to do. It also avoided awks conversations with friends when I double booked! Having a calendar meant I could write all of my assignment dates in so I could determine when things needed to be started and fit my social plans around it. My top tip is to plan to spend one weekend night with your friends and one with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

4. Communicate Plans

I found it useful to let people know when I was free and also let them know when my deadlines were so they understood when I wasn’t around as much. This avoided friends getting annoyed and meant I was able to concentrate when working and not receive messages asking me to do things when I had an assignment due.

5. Finish Your Assignments At College

Working at home encourages too many distractions and made me procrastinate more than I knew was possible. Not only were there less distractions at college, I also had use of all of the school equipment and had help there if I needed it. Although, I’d recommend sitting away from friends as a group of girls sitting together tends to not get a lot done!

6. Don’t Take On Too Much

As well as finding time to spend time with friends and my boyfriend, I also ensured I found time for myself. It was important for me to relax so I could go back to my work feeling refreshed!
‌ Balancing college work, a relationship and friends isn’t impossible, it just needs some time-management, a careful balance and some unique ideas on how to spend your time together around your studying. All 3 are extremely important to maintain a happy college life, but ensure your work is your priority!

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