How UNiDAYS members are passing the time during quarantine

UNiDAYS members are making the most of quarantine. Let's see the creative, charitable, and chill ways they're passing the time.

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Raven Schwam-Curtis
Cornell University
“I'm a senior in college, so the current pandemic has shifted my learning experience to the virtual and forced me to return home to Houston. I live in a single parent household and my mom is honestly my best friend! Beyond our bi-weekly trips to the grocery store and the occasional bike ride, my family has been staying inside. I've been using this time to read, play video games, play my guitar, and work on my honors thesis. Though being with my family (including my cute little cat!) has been comforting during these uncertain times, returning home has been accompanied by financial burden. At school I was completely financially independent. I have worked a part-time job for the last four years to pay for groceries, rent, and other living expenses while being a full-time student. Since returning home my mom has asked me to help with wifi bills, groceries, and other essentials. To be honest, my family is under a lot of financial strain because my mom's income has gone to $0. For most people $100 isn't much money, but for us $100 is two weeks of groceries. If UNiDAYS can provide any assistance for our family we would be so so grateful! The picture features my cat Kenji and an amazing book I've been reading during quarantine!” ”

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Gracia Vargas
University of Michigan
“I've been quarantining here in Ann Arbor, just a short walk from the U of M hospital where I would normally be doing my third year medical student rotations. We've been out of the hospital for the last three weeks, and in the interim, have pooled together from a distance to develop M-Response Corps, a med-student led initiative to help in COVID-19 efforts however we can from outside the hospital. I've used my native Spanish to check in on patients who recently had children with the OB/GYN department, and done a variety of phone visits for the student-run free clinic. I've also helped out in person at the donations center for PPE, sorting the amazing donations of gloves, masks, and other supplies from the local community so that they're ready for use at the hospital. Otherwise, I'm staying safe at home, studying away to be as prepared as ever to get back to everything once med students are cleared to be back!”

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Anna Pratt
University of Connecticut
“I have not socialized with anyone that I do not live with for about a month! During this past month my mom and I have been sewing washable fabric face masks that are donated to local hospitals! We have made around 100 masks so far which will be sterilized and have a filter added to them! We have also made masks for my own family, close family friends, and coworkers of my parents! My family has also been going through our closets and donating clothes to the local salvation army. We have donated about four garbage bags full! This past year I also was elected as a Senator for my college's student senate and I have been attending weekly virtual meetings where we advocate for different changes that can be made to University policy that will guarantee the opportunity for all students to succeed in their new online class platform. I do this from my new desk area in my room where my cat keeps me company through my online lectures and meetings.”

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Kalyn Cline
Gaston College
“I am a paramedic. So I have been working through the pandemic. We’re required to wear gowns, gloves, and masks on calls now. Unfortunately, we’re short on PPE and have to reuse our masks. In addition to being a paramedic full time, I am also in nursing school full time. We were supposed to graduate May 12, but that has been postponed due to COVID-19. We have been able to do some class online thankfully. The picture I’m attaching is me and my dog cuddled up on the couch while I attend our Blackboard Collaborative session for school. :)”

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Kyla Faust
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
“As a 21 year old full- time college student who works at CVS Pharmacy full time as well has made me extremely strong throughout this Covid-19 pandemic. I am no longer getting a formal graduation for my bachelors degree and because I am all online for my classes I am giving my time to CVS pharmacy to help my customers who come in and need their prescriptions. I am trying my best to keep my family safe while I risk myself at work every day even though my mother who I live with is extremely high risk. I feel that if I win this $100 I will buy my mom some groceries since she has been out of work and has not been able to get much for us and I chose Red Cross for my donation because Cvs donates to them as well and I was always close to that charity. Thank you for your time!”

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