How UNiDAYS can help you land your dream job

We know that the Big Bad World can seem pretty scary when you graduate from college. There are so many questions: how can I get a job that I love? Where do I start? Will I have to live with Mom forever? FOR THE LOVE OF PIZZA HOW DO I ADULT?! It can be overwhelming, especially when you want to break into an industry that you’re truly passionate about and everyone around you seems to have their sh*t together. Spoiler alert: they don’t.

But,have no fear, UNiDAYS is here.

We’ve been setting up loads of exciting stuff with the brands you love to bring you everything from design competitions and internships to volunteering opportunities and exclusive graduate jobs. We believe in students, you’re the future - we’re shouting it from the rooftops, trust us. Because we’re your biggest cheerleader, it’s so much easier to stand out from the crowd and get your foot on the ladder. We have those connections with the brands that want to give you a head start in your chosen career or help you make a difference - let us hook you up.

So, watch this space in the near future as we’ll have loads and loads of resume boosting opportunities and rewarding experiences to discover or win. Right now, we’re partnering with American Apparel and Pencils of Promise who are giving young activists the chance to build a school for a deprived community in Guatemala. If you are passionate about equal education and want to make a difference with your summer - all expenses paid - then head over and check it out.

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